Whats a good amount of money to make in 30 minutes?

With my current method I’m making 648 DRAM every 30 minutes on average. Is that really high? What can you make in 30 min?

This isn’t a who can get the biggest number contest, I’m just curious if I’m doing well grinding. I’m a lvl 9 mage. Please also list your level when you mention your moneymaking strategy because I’m sure you can get higher numbers with higher levels of course.

Until you get to 20 I wouldn’t worry about Dram. Just collect harvestables as you come upon them and don’t die a bunch to avoid repair costs. You can sell stacks of extra materials as you go.

I kill low level mobs as I run through the starter zones for the chance reagent drop. Reagent sells for a lot and I don’t find myself using more than 5 in a single play session.


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