When do you get the recipe for the scent potion for fishing?

I thought the fishing quest guy said he would teach it after I handed him the 4 or 5 bass but I don’t see it in my journal.

keep doin quests with him maybe 2 more quests and you’ll have the recipe. it’s a difficult recipe

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what quest was it that you turned in (catch day 1,2,3,etc?) I will look into it more and check.

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I forget probably IV. but it was for sure after you get him 5 catfish, 10 bass, 20 sunfish quest

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Catch 2 I believe it was

Oh okay, I wasn’t sure if it was a bug or not. I don’t remember his words exactly but in my mind what I thought he said was “catch me some bass, here are two scent pots to help, then I’ll teach you how to make it yourself when you return”. Thanks for the info!

Okay ya Michael has got you on the right track, he gives you the potions to help along the way then teaches you how to make them towards the end

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