When is open beta?

SO i found out after downloading the launcher that its another closed beta and only people who paid can participated. I thought the game was going into EA after this longer test? Does that mean from now on its only pay to try it?

Yes this is our last Closed Beta test that will be open (servers online) until Dec 8th, when we will close down and prepare for the EA of Dec 15th, we held an open Alpha a couple months back, but have no plans of any open testing until after we launch into EA.

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Thats a really odd choice IMO. Ive participated in a good amount of MMOs and open beta is always the last thing thats done to stress servers with the most stable version of the game. Maybe consider doing a free weekend or something before EA begins? I know you guys are changing the graphics which was a sore spot for a lot of people so it would seem like a good time to let people see the new look.

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