Where are the abberations?

So I myself and several others have been suggesting the addition of abberations in reborn since the game launched and as far as I remember we have not received a Dev reply on the matter.
I would just like to know if there are plans to add them in at some point in the near future?


Yeah maybe there would be more world pvp going on.

How would you personally envision Aberrations working or fitting in as a feature in the current world zones, and with the current PvP system?

the waste lands and a area at halthines is empty need a mob variety then purple mobs and stick guys like in classic orbusvr was a variety of mobs

If the wilds could be brought back, I think they’d be perfect right there…

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What are abberations? Not too stray from the topic.

The best way I can think to describe them is, they are harder to kill monsters that drop gear not as good as dungeons, but better than regular dropped gear. They were also only found in some areas of the world.

Wasn’t the original idea of aberrations to be much harder to kill than they ended up being? My thoughts were multiple packs in deep caves sort of a mini dungeon leading to a mini boss.

The result was a weird looking monster patrolling an area with a huge aggro radius and a few extra corrupted enemies with it. The extra adds were stronger than normal as long as the aberration was alive, labeled “corrupted”. It was a cool concept.

Having corrupt mini dungeons around the world would be cool, but a big undertaking and hard to prevent boss farming at the dungeon end.

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If the abberations were in a pvp zone, I beleive that finding other pvp players would increase

But I think that if you guys don’t want to add a new area for them you could give them non-aggro so they will not brutally murder newer players, unless of course the new players attack them (then they learn their lesson). A few areas I think they would fit in is the highsteppe portal event, inside caves, and 1 per scav camp (like their boss!).

Mini dungeons with abberations would be pretty dope as well.

Also gundrak a better explanation are that abberations were like mini bosses with unique attacks and unique drops.

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If making a new area is on the table I’d like to see the desert brought back for sure so the aberrations could be out there. Could even bring Sanyael back, I loved his mechanics but would like to see changes like him in a more open space and give him a mechanic to jump from the ground and dive back into it causing an aoe of damage, that would be cool.

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He did have that aoe mechanic I beleive, especially if you solo’d him he word dive around and do aoe damage

My memory could be failing me greatly though

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Sanyael was great with the mechanics, how everybody needed to understand them and how everybody had a role. Whenever I logged in to do Sanyael runs, Orbus felt like a transdimensional neverending party.

Edit: this party feeling probably had something to with the worm killing downtime between boss runs. My only worldboss runs (Tree) in reborn had people killing it super quickly and then jumping over to the next shard to kill it again, repeatedly. It may have made for quicker farming but it felt super gimmicky.

The dive was his group killer move. The trick to beating Sanyael was to prevent him from doing it. There’s a video out there of the first Sanyael attempt with an army of players

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I remember now lol I don’t have a whole lot of sanyael kills on my belt but I remember him being a whole lot of fun

the two best ways to reintroduce aborations imo would be as follows

  1. All of the Aborations are only visable to players with their pvp enabled.
  2. make a zone that is similar to old orbus wilds, same rules as far as bandit timer, gaurds, ect.
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I forgot to say please

you know what im going to add a 3 into there

  1. Make aborations only attackable with pvp enabled, I would say have a npc nearby these aborations that explains that you must have pvp enabled to fight them, and maybe a cool story behind each one.

But I want to fight them and I refuse to play pvp! What about us?
This is where having wilds back makes the most sense - hybrid pvp at that point maybe?

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I disagree with having them be PVP only again. would restrict some fun content that everybody should enjoy

as much as I like pvp, its not fair to those who dont