Where can i find any parties getting together to gain xp

I would like to join a group of people who like to gain xp by fighting monsters. I’m in eastern time zone United States

Hey @Nathan_S! Just out of curiosity, have you used the Group Finder in game to create a listing as well? If not I’d definitely suggest doing so as that will be available for anyone online at the time to view and request to join your party. You should be able to find it by opening the game menu, clicking the button with multiple people’s silhouettes on it, clicking find group and creating a new listing at that point or joining any other groups that may already be forming.

so i create a group listing for faming how do other people find you. Is there a meet up area.

Once someone responds you should be able to invite them to a party using that tool. From there you can decide for yourselves where the best place to meet up would be.

If i create one wait for people and go offline does it get deleted or will it be there when i return to game.

Should get deleted once you go offline

My problem with group finder is not being able to type out what i want to do. the options are very limited and honestly… i don’t know what any of the zones are called (like any of them) so i look at the scenery and i’m like… trees, must be the jungle. usually i just pick whatever name of zone and just click on farming or whatever the option is


i think farming is the one you want to kill animals and gain loot and xp

yeah that’s what i assumed. but i can’t show my level and i can’t see other people’s level. and since i don’t know the zones (my fault?) i can’t know if the jungle is lvl 10 or the desert or the other names listed.

i think there are tiers in each area, you guy by the markings above their head. Michael im like you I dont know where to go. I heard alot of people like the fire forest. I actually might go on in an hour and create a farming event. Michael my name is altspacejohn on there

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Ok, so here’s a kinda breakdown of the different areas, and what level you should be for them. First, you have the main area around highsteppe, the starting town. This area is usually from levels 1-5, with a few exceptions. The next area is the area around narrow orchard going to wenderwood (the fire forest) and the cave dungeon. This is around levels 5-8 and isn’t too difficult. After that you should make your way to the Patreayl Rainforest. This area will take you from level 8-12, and this starts introducing some new enemies with some pretty unique abilities, so you should be a bit more wary going through here. Next, you should head over to the Obnobi Desert. This is when enemy encounters start really needing a group to tackle. They’ve got some pretty tough things around there, but there aren’t as many places for things to hide as in the rainforest, so as long as you keep an eye out for things, you should be safe navigating around here. The Obnobi Desert should go from levels 12-(around)16. After here you have a couple other places to go for your last couple levels, but the zones you can go to are the Lucian Wilds, Icy spit, and the Lamavora Frontier. I don’t have as much experience with these zones as the others, so you might need someone else to explain these areas to you. And that was kinda an overview of the starting to mid-level areas, I hope this helps!


that explains so much about the level of difficulty i’ve been having

Thank you very much for this, maybe add it to the wiki :slight_smile:

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