Where can we find the in game music?


I would like to know where I could find the music for the game; the raid music sounds so awesome and then the boring regular battle music being placed over the actual fight is kind of sad. What would be cool is the ability to listen to it at any time via a music file or the boss would have the raid music be replaced with regular battle music.


yea i feel the raid should have its own music


I think it does, it just doesn’t play correctly most of the time.


The first and last boss have songs; the combat music takes over afterwards


Glad you like the raid background music, our sound designer Jesse has been working on creating more and more sounds for the game. The raid music is playing correctly, the way the system works is that once you enter into combat the normal “combat” music takes over as an indicator that you are currently in combat (and also helps determine if you have gotten stuck in combat thought I think that bug has been fixed for the most part), then once out of combat the BGM should come back.

Although we are currently planning to keep the combat music the same across all zones and instance to keep a uniform sound players can recognize, we have considered changing the combat music for some of the more important boss fights like the raids. As always thanks for the feedback and glad your enjoying the sounds.


I’m no sound designer by any means, but it would be cool if each area had the same musical tune, but used the different instruments from the area itself. Like going from highsteppe to the Dessert it switches from mostly strings to drums, so it’d be neat if the combat music also changed over to drums. Or maybe certain aspects of the combat music change to match, so again for the dessert it would have a stronger drumbeat.
I haven’t made it to raids yet, but I’m looking forward to hearing it now!


I pretty much never hear it by default and then occasionally hear a snippet (like 2 seconds) of it after relogging. I’ll double check my audio settings but I believe this was happening to others as well.


This is the same for me


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