Which class are you most excited to play? (poll)

  • Runemage
  • Ranger
  • Musketeer
  • Warrior

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Oh wow! I’m kinda feeling sorry for the Warrior. I’ll definitely be playing one of them in groups. They are always needed!

I know a lot more people are going to play Ranger than let one here, just based on initial impressions and my friend group. I think Runemage takes the most “involvement” so to speak, and thus you’ll get some bias in this kind of poll. That said I’m looking at Runemage myself, so I could be way off base! :smile:

I can kind of understand the unpopularity of the warrior class, in the stress test it was more like a “swinging machine” with no actual swordplay included. Maybe some kind of parry “timing system” can be implemented for some more interesting tanking mechanism and such.


What I found uninteresting with the warrior class was not the fact that it as a swinging machine. It was more the fact that i was dealing next to no damage, was dying way to quickly, the effective weapon range mixed with the wonky combat movement. I could not even 1v1 a lv1 mob.

An improvement in the combat movement would certainly help making warrior interesting.

Surely some sword skill could not hurt :wink:


Sword skills are actually a nice idea, lke doing a horizontal then a vertical slash activates a cross slash skill etc.


I’d love to see some SAO/Log Horizon style sword skills, tanking skills, etc.

To play a Warrior the way they described it, I’d have to feel engaged in drawing aggro, tanking damage, and having the tools to control the battlefield. Limply swinging a sword around dealing no damage doesn’t sound like that.

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I mean this Almost lines up with typical MMO breakdowns.
85% DPS, 10% Healers, 5% Tanks.

Should hopefully be less of an issue considering everyone can "multi"class.

That said tho, Runemage fo lyfe.

I tough the ‘multi-class’ was a temp feature for test purpose.
Could we get this confirmed/denied from the dev?

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He talks about it in the Kickstarter comments.

Riley Dutton 2-time creator 3 days ago

Thanks, everyone!

@ Nick You’ll definitely be able to create multiple characters per account if you want, although that will be unnecessary for most since as you said you can do all the disciplines on a single character. That said, there may be an additional fee or something for unlocking additional character slots, but we’ll cross that bridge when we come to it. Certainly during the Alpha and Beta process you can make as many as you want.

Well, I’ll be playing all the classes then. Massive grind incoming.

I think in addition to some of the ideas brought up so far, another one that would be nice is to add in an additional ability or make the shield also buff the tank so they can stave off damage they’re taking. If there was something like that, I would be much more interested in playing one. As it stands it seems like 2 healers are pretty much needed to keep up a tank. At the next test I’ll have to play as the warrior more.

<3 healer class. SUPPORT ROLE 4 LYFE!


I was actually a huge fan of the warrior. The sword throw/dash skill was a little wonky on Oculus, but having to throw down shield wall and actually block with the shield was pretty cool. Biggest thing I want is a clank sound to know that my shield is positioned right to block the attacks. Otherwise it’s just pure trial and error with a lot of dying.

War will be my main, I loved it the last test. More aggro/defensive skills and a dps bump is needed, but we’re along way from even beta so, I’m sure many adjustments are incoming.

Being able to play all classes on a single character is very important. I hate having to have multiple characters for other classes. Just switching to what a group needs is so much nicer.

I’m kind of torn between the Musketeer & Ranger, If I was better at it I would probably say Runemage, but wow… they are far more complex than the other classes.

No option for all? :slight_smile:

I want to say i’ll primarily be a ranger, but il be maxing everything because duh.

You can’t be “most excited” by all ! It’s a choice.

Dont tell me how to feel :smile:

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Yeah Warrior would be more popular if he actualy dealt any damage and maybe had some cool visual or haptic feedback from hits, that would make him feel more badass, also haptic feedback on the shield would be cool if you block a hit… Another great mechanic which i think would work great with the Warrior or maybe a future class, is where you charge your sword by holding it behind or above you and strike your enemy for aditional damage with some kind of visual explosion effect…
But in reality i want to play the prototype class that existed for a short time, the Berserker that hits with two axes. It would be cool if you had to strike in a specific direction and order for the hits to give a critical bonus or something, that way its both a minigame of sorts where you have to strike veritcaly or horizontaly with your left or right hand and makes the fight much more involved…

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