Why are level 1s in the dungeons

Why are level 1s in dungeons? Like yeah I get they queued but I was with a level 1 paladin today. He had agro for about 3 seconds of the fight. If you’re gonna give the dungeon ready achievement at 8 (I get that was from OG) why not make it so only level 8s are allowed in dungeons? Yeah sure a dps isn’t too bad, but a tank or healer make me want to drive my wand in my eye.


I actually got an in between plan if option 1 doesn’t work out for the devs. What if for all real game beginners (queens ear?) you add an additional pop-up warning to at-least consider understanding the basics before jumping into a dungeon.


I think a page should be taken from FF14? here (the mmo)
It has those quests that teach you proper dungeon mechanics before making you dungeon ready.

quest 1 : dont stand in fire
quest 2: attack what the tank is attacking.
quest 3: kill the healers then the magic / rogues then the standard melee
quest 4: How to dodge attacks aimed at you.
quest 5: kill the adds first , then the boss.

Class Quest 1 : DPS follow the ghost on the map who is playing your role correctly in this example fight.

Simple edicit : dont lie about your role, use PTT if screaming or watching tv. , Listen to tank/healer
Dont Leroy Jenkins . etc. Dont ask “can you carry me for this fight I want to level my x, to a pug group”

Give anyone who completed the basic training the dungeon ready badge of honor and give them basic basic dungeoneering gear. like all of +0 set dolled out 1 at a time for each ready quest completed.

FF14 did this sort of … i liked it.


does a few critter captures and stands at the highsteppe gate defense zerg

You’re dungeon ready!

An alternative and I think better option would be to rebuild the queue system and LFG system. Think like Auction House GUI basically but designed for a LFG/activity system.

  • Individuals and parties can sign up. Each member of a party is displayed under the party with their selected classes, and selected class levels. While roles are generally implied, you could leave roles in to make sure the player understands their intent (new player trying to queue as a DPS warrior, for ex).
  • When signing up, both parties and players can put a message with their LFG post.
    LFG messages can be saved for future use(more? depends how clean they can make that).
  • Parties and players can select what roles they are looking for.
  • Parties and players can select to be alerted when a new LFG post is made matching their LFG criteria (as opposed to a dungeon queue pop)
  • Parties and players can enable auto invite/request to join to other parties and players who also have this feature enabled when matching criteria is found, rather than send a message.
  • A full group of all auto-join players with Random Dungeon selected will be auto-queued to join the random dungeon, asking each player to accept the random dungeon as-per-usual. Players who fail to accept are kicked from the party and removed from their LFG post.
  • Parties and players can select a minimum level they are looking for.
  • The party leader can send the entire group to a random dungeon, as with the queue now, where all party members must accept.
  • Parties can invite other parties as well as individual players who are posted on the LFG board.
  • Players who are without a party can send a join request message to a party.
  • When invites are sent, an optional message can be attached.
  • You can then send invites as party-leader or party-join requests as the LFG-er directly from this GUI with a simple button, with the option to send a message as well. This also would let people see how many people are in the queue for the particular activity, and what role they are using.
  • Parties and players can select certain categories relevant to their LFG post such as “Random Dungeons”, “Battlegrounds PvP”, “Shard Dungeons”, “Open World”, etc? (keep this a queue but display the people or number of people in queue). Like the AH tabs this would actually provide filtering.
  • Option to filter to only matching criteria, possibly just stick them at the top of the GUI and lightly gray out other groups so that you know they are still there.

Possibly an option to “call” a player with your compass and establish a direct voice link as typing can be slow.

(iffier) People can also advertise events here for future groups. LFG on Saturday from 2(force a timezone selection)-4(force a timezone selection) hardmode raid! World Boss event! Shard Dungeon 5+… etc. People can register to sign up and the event owner can approve/deny/bench(you may/may not be accepted, but you can opt to show up & try to fill) requests.

Isn’t this why they decided to have level scaling? So friends can play together no matter what level. Level ones should be able to do the raids as well.

This is incorrect, raids are level 30 content that isnt level scaled


Thats why I said should be. They should be able to. If your going to level scale may as well do it all 100%

No. Raids are later game content. Same reason you don’t scale shard dungeons.


It might be easier to just put a level cap on the Dungeon queue at whatever level the Dev’s think it should be now.

Or perhaps a level matchmaker as well as the role one we already have.

With this system we can still carry our level 1 friends through dungeons the normal way (if they group up with us) @Frank_P.

This would just solve the issue of being matched with a stranger who is completely unprepared.

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I hardly tell the difference between a level 1 and a level 15 in a normal dungeon damage wise… you start feeling it when they have lower level weapons then there current level and there damage goes non-existent. Same with agro and healing.

Of course they can’t really keep agro against propper shard and raid gear, tilesets, bleed, with superior rotation.

Since it was a paladin the level 12(?) was pulling agro almost immediately and only threw their mallet

That’s like saying level 1s should be able to do shard 15s as well

As a level 12 musketeer (my only class so far). Is it OK to join the dungeon queue as a healer, or am I going to struggle?

If you know your class you’re good.

Yea it has been requested many times. And there IS a difference with level 1s (or generally, green leaves) I don’t really care about dmg, but people not knowing how to move, pull their weapon, just tryin out the game and hop into dungeon queue right away, I don’t think this is necessary.

Often enough I had lvl 1s who put their headset down even, not even figuring they are in a dungeon or well just were curious what that button does, then quitting. Every hour in of actual play would help with all this.

Yea why not, you are more than ready - it normally depends on the tank, a level 30 tank often does not need heals in normal dungeons and low shards, while some practicing-low-level-tank who looses aggro keeps you reaaal busy keeping the group alive. But on the other hand sometimes not even that is an issue, I actually solo’ed the Lich King with a lvl 12 musky in the Beta Test ;-). Possible, just takes a while.

Thanks! Will give it a try tonight.

In general, how long do the dungeons take to run? 30 mins? an hour?

Hard to tell, if the group is good you should be through faster, in 10-15 minutes or so, but it also depends on the dungeon, Broken Halls is quickest, this one is done in 5minutes, again, if the group half-ways knows what to do and does not wipe.

If you wipe real often or the group is extremely low level or someone leaves I’d recommend leaving the group and requeue (eventually telling the others to do same), it is not worth it spending too much time for random queues. 30 minutes for a queue-dungeon would already be definitly too long for me.