Why are the Fortified guys near the temple not scaled?

It seems like every lower level guys in Highsteppes are scaled up high to higher level character, but the Fortified guys near the temple are not?

I got a treasure map inside the ruined temple and thought… it is going to take forever to get inside. But they actually are “weaker” than the level 1 Sapling guys outside of town. They just die in one or 2 shots. It is the first time I actually feel powerful in the game since level 30 LOL.

The mob scaling in this game is crazy off. Some of the stuff actually took longer to kill at level 30 than at level 10.

Thats partially why I miss the old system where the difficulty above their head showed exactly how tough they would be. Now due to scaling you never really know the difficulty of an enemy or even if its scaled at all. It was tougher sure but you felt like you progressed more than you do now.

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