Why does Pushback not work in pvp

I love being a pvp mage, even though im not super great at it. Being not amazing at it, i would love for pushback to work in pvp. That way, i could hit my enemy with frost, then push him away and make my escape.

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I may be misremembering but I think it was to prevent disorientation from being unwillingly shoved in VR.


As well as bugging through the terrain.

Can’t fireball your opponents to death? Try making them vomit irl! <3


It could drain stamina atleast. I have long been in favor of push back spells & polymorph working. Just needs visual effects for the weak :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes! More stamina drain effects in pvp!

Lets apply a crazy Ithecac effect on hitting someone with pushback :stuck_out_tongue:

Make them spin uncontrollably too to make it more immersive

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Maybe they could like black your screen out temporarily? idk i just wanna see pushback with pvp capabilities

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