Why is there a bidding cap?

exactly what the title says. i tried bidding on a stall for over 1mil dram and it said it has to be under 1 million so i guess the stall can just go to whoever bids 999999 first which is really really stupid. why is there a cap?

If you are willing to bid 999999, just wait until the next one goes up and bid immediately. There is always one on the AH, usually they are 10,000-100,000 for the first day or so.

Look at time until the current listing ends, once that one ends a new one will come up with a starting bid of 10000.

Honestly its probably a remnant from when dram cap was 1 mil.

Dram cap was 2.5 mil in old game, so doubt it.
1 mil was probably a reasonable cap when reborn released and is reasonable for almost everything.
Only things that currently is considered higher value are overworld/shard legendaries and market stalls.

Still, don’t see much reason to have an auction house cap that is lower than dram cap. Especially since there isn’t implemented a cap for item prizes on market stalls.

There’s pros and cons to the 1mil cap on market stall bidding :thinking:

Even people that have “less” money can basically “buy” a stall for 1 mil. This gives them a good opportunity to get started with making more money. If there were no cap on market stall permits, they might become so expensive that only a few people can even afford one.

On the other hand, market stalls becoming more expensive could be a nice money sink to combat the inflation that’s currently going on with effervescents and potions.

part of the reason I want jt removed is I have mucho dram. stall comes out, I immediately bid max and well I still have mucho dram.

what if stalls were only available for 2 weeks instead of 4? would have to pay twice as much for same duration.

well my issue isn’t really having them for a certain duration, it’s just that there’s a cap at all.

it sounded like the issue was mucho dram. this was a suggestion to relieve that

yeah that’s a good point. the reason i brought up having a lot of dram is because stalls were cheap but having them for a shorter time would be a good way to solve some of that.

I think removing the cap entirely may reduce the cost of market stalls in the long run. Not that that would be a bad thing.

Currently 999,999 is equivalent to a “buy it now” price. If there is no cap then the auction price will be driven up initially, obviously, but I think it would drive people to be more of a savvy shopper since they have to wait the 72hrs for the auction to play out anyway.

Bid less, wait and see, bid a little more, wait and see.


personally i don’t really have a problem with the current auction system if anything i would say add more stall to the mix

More stalls would be nice, there is space for them. :sparkles: