Why is this a treasure map location?

the only way to get here is to skywalk


You can paladin hammerport.


Personally, I think this map location should be removed / replaced. It’s awful to get to.

I see it as an example the developers want us to Skywalk, the same as the hulthines bason map that is on an island with the book we need for another quest you can only get to by skywalking.

You’re supposed to hammer throw to both of these locations, not skywalk.

The basin example doesn’t even work, you would be at the right height to skywalk there. Only method other than hammer I’ve used to get there is Totemic Call.

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hmm, havent thought of that

I posted this a few months back. Since then I have leveled up a Palladian to 30 and can throw hammer to these spots. It is a skill you need to have anyway so I now I’m ok with it.

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