Why Not Reset Everyone After Reborn Update?


The game is getting a major overhaul. Resetting everyone back down to noob levels would encourage veterans to play the game again with vigor, instead of playing the game for a small amount of time with already maxed out classes.

Developers are acting like this is a whole new game but still have people’s old progress carry over. This just makes no sense to me. I personally would like to be reset so I can start over in the new version of the game.


because we all already leveled and we dont all want to level again?


Then you can delete your character and remake it, some players have over 1000 hours and don’t want to lose their progress. Also we don’t start with maxed out classes because the level cap will increase by 10 levels.


I absolutely 100% disagree with you. Anyone with 500+ hours of gameplay with their beloved characters would find that utterly stupid. I’m wondering why you think us veterans wouldn’t come back and play with vigor. There are new classes to explore and content and quests. Leveling up isn’t the only way to enjoy yourself. But if that’s what you enjoy, feel free to delete your character.


Yo delete your character and here you have your ‘reset’ :slight_smile: (if that was meant serious…). Leveling wasn’t hard before btw, so a reset would only add another annoying two weeks to level up again; there are veterans who leveled their mains in the few Reborn test days from 0 to 20 already, playing days and nights long and it won’t take them much longer in the released game, only be an annoying hindrance to start over and over again.

It’s nice that you enjoy leveling, but others or most are not in the game for leveling anyway, but try to get that over with asap to play the endgame in groups, where you can enjoy 100s of hours of playtime. (Most MMOs are similar btw, leveling to max with quests etc. is a smaller portion of the game, before the endgame starts which mostly revolves around optimizing gear). There will be an open auction house so if you enjoy trading, fishing and farming you can do this and it’s sure easier when you are maxed and get around mobs in all the areas. A third activity which - likely - is best with max level is pvp.


imagines the uproar
Granted, I don’t think Reborn was even on the radar when we were promised no more full character wipes, but at least with half the classes everyone starts at 1. The Matched content is also to help alleviate some disparity.