Why smooth turn on both controllers?

First off I’m a Vive user if that helps. I just don’t understand why smooth and quick turn options are simultaneous on both controller. I would love to have move forward, back, stafe left and right all on my left controller and quick/smooth turn just on the right.

I use smooth turn to avoid getting tangled in cords but having it on the left pad as well is so frustrating. When trying to walk forward I end up turning sometimes. It would make more sense to just be on the right controller separate from the movement left controller.

Sorry if this has been mentioned already but trying to play today was frustrating. I hope we can customize our movement a bit more in given time. Other than that the game is really enjoyable.

Have you tried the option that says “Left Strafe + Right Turn”?

I have not, I seen that but I wasn’t sure I understood what it meant. I was thinking that if I pressed left I would strafe left and if I pushed right I would turn right. Seemed like an odd idea to me but seeing it on my 2d screen the comprehension comes across much differently. Left meaning left pad does the strafing, Right meaning right pad does the turning.

I feel like an idiot for not comprehending this correctly till now. I will give it a shot and if that does what I now am correctly thinking it would do. If so then my issues are no longer an issue and all will be awesome.

Thanks for shedding some light on my ignorance. :smile:

No worries! If for some reason that doesn’t work for you just let me know.

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