Wilds/Bandit System is Buggy

We went out in the Wilds today with a group of 6 and just had a frustrating time.

  1. Picking up my own loot bag caused everyone in the Party to become a bandit. This also happened to another party member like 15 minutes later.

  2. Picking up loot from a dead Bandit also makes you a Bandit

  3. Relogging at the jail when dead as a bandit brought 2 of us back to the Wilds.

  4. 2 members had an issue when changing the PVP button, it would revert back to the other option multiple times.

  5. Being in combat with another player never ends the combat (Might be wrong on this), not even “Stuck in Combat”. Relog fixes.

  6. Corrupted Stag Hitbox is really broken
    Imgur: The magic of the Internet

Bonus for reading my complaints: “Mage 1 shotting a warrior and musketeer at full hp”

Okay I see the issue with the second part of that, I’ll get that fixed in the morning.

On the first part (picking up your own loot bag), had you been a bandit when you died when you did that? Or did you die to like a monster killing you?

Both times we just died to a monster and ran back to get our bags at our graveyard. (100% our own bags) and then everyone in the party became bandits.

Edit: Didn’t properly answer you lol. The 1st occasion he was not a bandit and i’m not sure about my occasion but i think the 5 timer had run out at that time

Okay thanks I’ll look into that too…

Also had an issue where I was a non-bounty bandit from someone in my party looting their loot bag, and I killed another non-bounty bandit and I gained actual bounty and an orange name.

nice to see you got the common stag hitbox bug on video.

Would like to add that picking up a party member lootbag turned that party member into a bounty target too.

But when we tried to reproduce it we could not on the next death.

If you pick up anyone’s loot bag other than your own, you will turn into a Bandit with No Bounty. Even if they are in your party. The goal of the new system is to make it so that you personally have time to make it back to your bag and loot it, and if someone else loots it before you, you have time to kill them and get it back. If you’re in a party with a bunch of other people, then either a) they can just guard your loot for you until you return, or b) pick it up and get the Bandit Without Bounty status (which doesn’t have any negative long-term effects) and just wait for it to wear off.

The person you were killing was also definitely a bandit with no bounty? Okay I’ll look into that as well.

Just to be sure we’re on the same page, the broken part is the part where after it charges you’re not able to attack it for like 2 seconds right?

i think he is talking about the fct that when the deer charge, most of the time, the hit box is in front of his body, it’s like you have to shoot a meter in front of him to actually hit. if you aim for the actual body, it goes through.

to be able to hit it i always try and go behind and shoot through it hoping to hit, as the hit box is far out in front of the actual body, and i can never tell where it is

After it charges though right? Or you mean all the time?

I guess I’m basing this on the clip that was shared in the original post, so if you could reference that in what you’re describing (like “in the clip when this happens that’s what I mean”) that would be helpful.

I encountered that a few times, so i can tell you that in the clip, after it charges, you can hit it, but the hit box is in front of the deer, until it changes orientation, when the hit box comes back in the right place.

i didn’t notice any time where you can’t hit it at all, not saying there is none, just i didn’t notice it, if there is any.

I see okay, so you’re saying after the charge when he is firing right at the deer if he had fired in front of the deer he would have been able to hit it. Okay, got it.

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i remember it happening most if not all the time, but that said i havnt farmed aberrations in a couple weeks, and have been sticking to world bosses, so there could be a bit of inaccuracy there
deers were definitely annoying to farm, i remember a couple times i popped my ult as a ranger, and couldn’t find the hitbox until the ult was used up

From my experience yes, you can see in the video, as soon a he aim for the head it’s hitting, and when the deer turns back, he can hit again the body.

I think the last position of the deer before the charge (right after he turns around befors he charges), is roughly the position the hit box has always been in since the end of the previous charge (might slightly change depending on the rotation)

I can confirm this as a mage, I usually to try to get directly in front or directly behind the deer to guarantee a hit. If I attack from the side, my spells will go through if I’m not aiming at the right spot.

Yeah, what it feels like is that he charges and repositions for the next attack immediately but the visuals don’t update until he initiates the next attack a few seconds later. Super super frustrating wasting ults on thin air.

On a related note, you can be standing outside the charge AE box (especially on the left and right sides, but also right behind it) and it will still hit you, so the damage and the visuals are not too precisely aligned.

Everyone basically said it correctly.

I was talking about when it charges and I’m missing the body shots.
The hitbox seems to placed infront of the deer.

Also though sometimes I can’t ever hit the deer until it recharges again.