Wilds Chest / Invisibility Potion


Please remove invisibility potion.

It’s such an anti-fun mechanic.

Like every 3 days I get the time to go to the Wilds Chest to have no fun PvPing because Draven and Shiki (EK) pull out 10 invisibility potions out of Johann’s ass of 4000 potions to 1 shot both of us without a trace.

Like I envisioned the Trickster chest to be this long battle of like 5v5v5v5 where you have to “Hold” the chest opening for like 10 seconds without taking damage. But instead it’s 2 people from Alphabet who still hold onto to the dream and like 2-5 EK members with invisibility potions who can just 1 shot or take the chest without a trace.

Do you expect me to retaliate with our own invisibility potions so noone see’s each other the whole time and it becomes who has more potions battle or the guts to AoE the chest 1st because that would be stupid considering the 1st person to reveal would die.

Otherwise make an equal cost potion that detects invisibility which I’ll be honest isn’t fun either.

Damage/Healing needs to be scaled down in PvP and every class needs some kind of sustain to even be viable.

Also the Bandit system needs to be reworked or look into doing Battlegrounds for people to do in the off-time they aren’t doing Raids or something.

Currently I only log on to basically to do Raids at this point with no end goal because PvP sucks and there is very little social interaction in the game considering we are all emotionless characters and on Discord.


Couple minor corrections: Was Draven and Kamina this time, and there was no one-shotting. Invisibility potions are expensive and there are a large number of countermeasures.

Also, no need to be rude.


There are 0 counter-measures besides AoE’ing which a Musky and Ranger have 0 spells to really do so.

You also have Johann in the Fellowship who is a millionaire and provides endless potions. Although that’s besides the point because it’s an Anti-Fun mechanic.

Also it might as well be a one shot because Kamina can charged piercing basically all my health and then I’m at a sever disadvantage or you both can just take down a musketeer within seconds.


No Smooch, don’t do it!!! (Update: Oh, sorry Smooch, nevermind)

No Shiki, don’t do it!!!


They have said that even when balanced, pvp will be balanced for parties. So, yeah while it is more difficult to break without a runemage- it might be expected for you to have one.


I was just laughing at “no Smooch, don’t do it!” lol


Yeah, not having a healer also makes it more difficult, which is why we went for the fast and sudden burn tactic.


Who was the red-haired musketeer behind you guys?
We assumed it was colonel coming to help?


It was me but my controller broke well heading up there and am now out for 3-7 business days :cry:

  • Rangers and Musketeers both have AE capability, which can be leveraged to good effect in trickster chest battles.
  • Johann is a millionaire due to his incredible personal time investment in harvesting/crafting/marketing/etc. It seems odd to complain that because our members have put forth that type of effort, that we’re able to leverage gains from it.
  • Non-stop movement makes it difficult to be charged shot, even from someone invis.
  • Musketeers are extremely difficult to kill quickly without multiple DPS focus firing on them due to their enormous healing potential.


I don’t think people have any idea. So much damn effort.

  1. So you expect me to swap my piercing/poison for a 30 second Fire Rain arrow?
  2. I understand this but It’s more of the Anti-Fun of invisibility potion, I’m just pointing out how often this scenario happens.
  3. Sure but eventually someone is going to stop and you’re going to be right beside me with an ultimate up anyways once I teleport.
  4. I can’t speak for AdultHuman but he died pretty quickly, maybe he was standing still to grab the chest.


Essentially this comes down the game being fun and people wanting to come back to do the things in the game.

New players and even me don’t want to be going to the Wilds Chest and having to have a mage with us and teleporting every second I can just so I am not getting killed within seconds with little time to react.


I mean you have a choice, want a chance to find invisible players to be able to fight them or maxing your fire power?
I know mages have both, but as a ranger you need to choose.


I have 1 chance and the odds of it hitting are 1 and a million and when I do, I no longer have my large damage dealing arrow anymore because I swapped it out.


That’s not quite true if you use it carefully.


Also, I would like to point out that a certain tank has hit the chest half a dozen times invisible and succeeded in getting the loot. I don’t believe anybody in EK complained when this happened- instead we thought of ways to do better. Seems to be a difference in thinking between a lot of players in the game- some people complain about everything. (Not you justin)


For context/reference, in case it matters, as neither fight was an instant kill:

Kamina v Justin fight lasted 16 seconds from initial hit until death.
Draven v Adulthuman fight lasted 10 seconds from initial hit until death.
(Video provided upon request)

Typically, the fight regarding the chest all comes down to within a minute of the chest spawning or less, so it’s not like you need to have countermeasures for extended periods of time.


This was absolutely not the point, and im sure its true… although the stall system is also broken and favors the rich getting richer… but again… not the point.

Honestly i just think pvp in this game is really lame anyway. It is mechanically lame. These are problems associated with movement in VR. Invis potions are dumb. They are mechanically dumb. It makes no sense… it is anti pvp, and i really dont see how you could try and argue that there are viable counter measures against it, when you guys were the ones trying to argue that logging out was super cheap (it is cheap)… even though its vastly easier to put a visible person with a log out timer, into combat than it is to get a hit on an invisible one.

Wasnt the goal of the wilds chest to create more pvp in the wilds? Many times and invis person just grabs the chest while they are invisible and runs away. How does that achieve said goal? Its not a fun tactic. How much it costs is irrelevant.


Lol this is the reason why PvP is currently not fun.
Fights are 10-16 seconds long and the person who gets the opening basically already won.