Wilds Chest / Invisibility Potion


Even a 1 minute variance could do wonders and that’s basically a negligible amount of time. 10 minutes was admittedly arbitrary, the point just being that you can’t lock down the exact second to have people use their jazz hands on the chest.


Fair enough. 20 char


Thank you for pointing out one of the PvP balance problems we have right now.

I think having large numbers definitely can play to an advantage in an uncontrolled environment, however, of course skill and gear matter.

I just want to bring this post back on track

Why is it such an anti-fun mechanic?
Well I think Lok made a pretty good point to back that one up.

This means that the PvP fight is over before it starts in a zone which forces you to become a bandit (if we are talking about the chest).

In the case that we are not talking about the chest and it is when someone who is invisible uses it to kill someone in the wilds when they are farming (no names mentioned but I have seen a couple) there is no chance to defend yourself again (Near one shot from rangers and/or affliction dot or special from runemage).

I am sorry if any of the feedback there came across to you as misplaced aggression. From what I have heard, there has been none of that… It is literally as Justin said… Invisibility potion can be a fun killer. When you put the time and effort in to go to the trickster chest or if you do not get a chance to defend yourself…It negates the whole point of PvP and it becomes one of the reasons why nobody shows up.

Open world PvP as it stands rewards you for grinding and creating potions (we are not even talking about the
use and lack of cool down timer on health potions right now to kill the fun even further).

The reason why it is a fun-killer is that your average player does not have time or funds to make potions to compete every day but they would like to.

I have not seen you win with less people when I have faced your team, nether the less, I have been there and taken out 3-4 people with just me and a healer before so I can imagine you have experienced the same. I do not necessarily see a problem with this… But it would be fairer if there was an equal sided match and for sure invisibility potions do not make the fight any fairer.

An affliction from close range behind can be an impossible one to counter if you do not know it is coming
or a carefully timed shot from a ranger. The other player can essentially become a moving target with invisibility pot.

Indeed, invisibility pots with the mechanics as they stand… Make it much harder for Riley and team to implement balanced world PvP mechanics or shake up the use of trickster chests a bit.

Yes right now it just means that it is impossible to counter an opening (which often leads to death) from the opposition. With a way to see them, at least you get a chance to counter.

This is not on the topic of the thread. May i suggest moving it to a new thread so it gets more attention?

note: As per forum rules; Please keep discussion constructive and data driven (theoretical or proven) if it is not an opinion on how the invisibility potions mechanics/chest combination mechanics work. Remember that as early access players our job is to try and help the orbus dev team make the game better; so keep that in mind when replying.


It was on topic imo because Invisibility pots are also used to sneak and one shot people who are farming in the wilds.


okay but it is not directly related to wilds chest / invisibility potion. I still recommend discussing this topic in a separate thread.

PS: the note underneath was note directed at you. That was separate


Or maybe have your pet get spooked when there is someone invisible within range.


One thing I haven’t seen suggested is potentially having some mobs spawn with the chest that have to be cleared. It would take out some of the sitting around element and make it something you have to work a little harder than just walking up to in order to get. Doesn’t solve all the invis problems but would make it more than just sit around for 15 mins


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