Wilds logout button suggestion


People have been abusing the logout button in the wilds a lot recently. I would like to suggest to remove the logout button completely when in the wilds. I guess I’m one of the few people that after I kill someone I wait for them to come back to give them a chance to get their loot back. I’m not sure why people continue to use the exploit of logging out in the wilds after they take someones stuff.


People will just force close their client… You’d have to include something that leaves your linkdead avatar there for longer if you did that.


Just have your character stay “in-world” for 15-30 seconds or something after you logout in the wild.


In my defense, when I did it with you, I thought you intentionally disconnected to escape just a few moments ago, instead of desyncing.


You should probably just drop all of your tradables if you force shut down.


Not that it would have changed much, but how would that have felt if that’s what happened when you desynced, which is basically the same situation? Just randomly desynced out in the wilds, and poof, no more fish/lures. Unsavory sort of person wanders by and grabs your stuff before you get back in and it’s gone forever.


Yeah I never logout, I’ll fight to the end, even if I’m a fisherman which I guess wouldn’t be much of a fight:)

I wonder if there is a way to distinguish between a crash or a forced shutdown? I don’t think I would be that upset as long as the bandit couldn’t logout and they would get a 10 min bandit timer. At least then I’d have a chance to find them and have a chance at getting my stuff back.


Technically speaking, causing a crash, if that’s something you really want to do, is trivial, I believe. And discerning between the two, reliably, in the first place is probably not trivial.


Other games have implemented that and similar mechanisms. Eve Online, for example, has a concept of a “safe logout”. Failing to jump through that hoop leaves your ship floating in space. I believe, but cannot confirm, that you are eventually warped off to a safe location, but it takes longer than the 30 seconds it takes to log off safely.

As for Orbus, I keep getting the image in my head of a Training Dummy popping up in your place if you fail to log off safely in the wilds (cause you’re a dummy, get it?). That’d be cute and effective. Just let it sit there and loot pinata for a couple minutes, then you’re home free if no one does anything to it.


I’m ok with my avatar just standing there for a min or so if the game crashes. Getting killed for it is a bit unfair.

But I second the fact that the logout is being abused. Some even pop out during combat, and you can see there hands franticly clicking the menu :joy:


Yeah safe logout option would be cool. I have seen a 5 second regular logout, with a 15 one if player was recently in ‘combat’ and it restarting if combat continues.

If there could be a way figuring out if the player is undergoing a state of change, e.g. change of health, then one could force the avatar to remain in the area. This could add exceptions like if buffed then they can disconnect with the ‘safe logout 5 seconds’. While if they are currently in a change of state mode then their avatar could continue to exist until they are no longer changing values and a certain time limit has passed.

When partaking in high reward/ high risk areas the problem of lagging/desyncing should have been taken into consideration prior to entering the area. As such the person in such place consents to consequences of the area, namely the possibility of the loss of items.


Riley confirmed its coming.


That should be made for everyone in the wilds, some people exploit logout on sight and you don’t have much time to start combat.


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