Wilds, Warning / Respawn

The warnings should be a thing here, I just walked into the Wilds without knowing untill it spawned on me, which is to late for my level.

Next thing is that should be looked into is the spawn area near the Wilds graveyard, if ppl of lower level like me respawns there we are as good as locked there untill someone comes to save us… There are not enough time to take the recal back home since the monsters spawn so close…

ps. Good bye mage regents…


I was in the lucian plains and heading south. I saw a group of guards and thought “this is probably wilds up ahead”, I passed a graveyard “this is definitely wilds, I’m going to regret this”, crept forward and waited for zone to load. crept forward a bit more and waited. crept forward a few more feet and boom zone loads, surrounded by star mobs, wilds warning appears. I escaped because I was prepared to run and it was just runic wargs.

Zone loading in general will drop mobs right on top of you, but the wilds really need a sign put up or an earlier trigger than the zone loading which usually involves spawning high level mobs right on top of you.


Really need a few seconds of immunity or not have mobs next to where you spawn in.

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Yes we will add some sort of immunity when first loading into the zone to help with this.

In addition, in this morning’s patch low-level characters entering the Wilds should no longer trigger aggro from super far away, and we’ve adjusted the spawn points of the mobs to be less-close to the graveyard/zone entrance.


An idea would be to add static warning signs in the zone next to the wilds? Could look like the guards have put them down to warn new adventurers?

there are signs now and also I made the entrances to the wilds more noticeable (not as open youd have to want to walk into them now)


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