Will melee based damage be added to orbus vr reborn

First I want to say I really love orbus reborn and I have been having fun but I really think it is missing a melee dps as it is a staple for mmorpg games I find it really annoying how you are force into playing range and if you want to use melee weapons you must tank I feel having a melee dps would really improve the game

Edit: just has the idea for how this could be done without making a new class you could take the warrior and give him a second weapon choice of a great sword and with it more tailored talents and damage etc. So if you had a sword and shield as warrior you tank but if you have great sword you can damage

Most likely not. Melee characters get in the way of ranged dps. Body blocking your allies isn’t good.

That and the way hit detection on melee is coded is garbage.

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As discussed many times before, being in the way is not the problem preventing melee dps from existing. There are others though. Don’t want this discusion to blow up a 5th time though xD

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Oh come now, we can all have dreams. I had my post about a melee dps once x3 Tanks block dps all the time, all a melee dps needs to do is just get out of the way x3

If collision with body blocking got that bad the devs would likely make ranged dps go through melee players

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Go read the other threads asking for a melee DPS. They all say the same things and they all end the same way.

This game is not made for melee DPS classes. That type of class would be useless for the majority of the bosses in this game. This would mean making a class like this would be a waste of development time since it will rarely ever be used. No one will want a melee DPS player in their party either because of the uselessness of the class and because of the body blocking as stated above.

Which is just another reason this game is dying. You need a better variety and without people and their dream melee dps class this game lacks and will likely not be able to keep up with future vrmmorpgs.

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The game isn’t dying tho, playercount is keeping pretty stable, even had a pretty big increase over Christmas.


This game has been “dying” for well over a year, in which time we’ve seen big booms of newer players that stick around and higher population.

image https://i.imgflip.com/18buy3.jpg

The influx of new players was due to three things: Oculus quest, Christmas, holiday sale. (Not necessarily due to the game itself) Lol A lot of new VR users and a VR game on sale. Why not buy it.

The game is not dead but old players leave and new ones take their place. A game might be dead in the eyes of the old player, but not to the new one.

(I’ll sprinkle in the 4.** player reviews here)

What I’m interested in seeing if the new players will stay, or will the influx of player activity fade. As influx in average player activity is more of a sign of growth than an influx of new players.

And to try to stay on topic:
As far as melee dps, the game never had any and would like to see it but I don’t have high hopes.

If you look into the player count the player peak in this game is 372 players. The average is around 30-50 players online. Definitely near dead lol. Lack of equipment crafting, lack of available raids, end game gear and back to were talking about the INABILITY to add melee dps classes. Thats going to deter a good bit of players coming in and staying especially when a lot of people are looking for an SAO based experience.

Highsteppe earlier today. Look at the lack of people playing. I had to wait a whole four seconds to get dungeon queue to pop. 7/5 game is dead.

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Congrats you got a group of those 30-50 players that be online at one time

So what I’m seeing here is right around school time kicking back in, player count dropped.

Okay? Should we call it dead because something we expected to happen happened? Because the player count dropped and then started rising?

This is a niche market. VR isn’t big. Then adding a $40 price tag cuts more people out. But this game is far from being dead. There’s still a very active player base and several fellowships running around with plenty of members. You can still easily get into pick up shards, dungeon queues, etc. If I had a nickel for everytime somebody said this game is dead despite the very active player base, I’d have like, two dollars. Sure, not much, but that many nickels is ridiculous.

Go ahead and keep calling this game dead. I’m gonna keep playing with all the other players that ignore that drama and have fun playing.


Not just during school season but during the holiday season when everyone is out for 2 weeks atleast. You do remember Christmas break right? This game was a great intro into vrmmorpgs ill gove it that I loved it at first. Through the devs not listening much to its playerbase and doing quite a few things wrong this game dropped hard. Yes there are survivors but for vrs first and only mmorpg currently out this player base is kinda sad even for the amount of people with vr currently. Its not as rare as it used to be.

Also no one is saying dont have fun. Play it by all means if you enjoy it. Its not drama were just stating the game is dying. Lost a lot of players upon maple story 2s release and vanilla wow.

Again - not to derail this thread. If you two must have this back and forth, it’ll end up nowhere mind you, then create a relevant thread. Cut and paste the discussion there :slight_smile: I’ll also remove my statement as it doesn’t pertain to the overall topic.