Will Reborn run on Oculus Quest


With Reborn out in Q1 2019 and Oculus Quest out in Spring, will the performance improvement from Reborn be enough to have it run on OQ?

OrbusVr on the Oculus quest?

We want to support as many platforms as possible as VR and our community grows. We don’t have a definite answer right now though if we will be supporting the new Oculus Quest. We will have more info on this in the coming months though.

Oculus Quest + Orbus VR?!
Oculus Quest -- Orbus VR
OrbusVR on oculus quest?

from the spec sheet that was released for the quest, i would say ‘only if they drastically reduce the environment’. on my beast of a machine (and a year old gpu), i cant run this above lowest setting. a mobile device cant even compare to what i have.


clearly not a beast if my 5 year old cpu and a 1070 can run this on ultra.


There might be something else going on with your system if it’s struggling to run Orbus and the hardware is above par for vr.


so i said the gpu was older ( i have a 970 gtx). I can play the vast majority of games without any issue in vr. Obviously this isnt a brand new gpu, but the point was that even though i have a 970, mobile processor gpus are garbage compared to a 970, so if i can barely play with a 970, you probably wont be able to play with a mobile gpu.


I started with a 970 before i upgraded to a 1070. My 970 def worked, and i was grateful, but it struggled. I remember getting stuttering all the time in dead and buried with 4 players, or robo recall when the screen filled up. The quest is going to launch with those titles. Somehow it’s going to handle games that push the 970. So who knows.

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the games may have the same names and look very similar, but they will be optimized to run on weaker hardware. so dead and buried may have pushed your 970, but they way it’s coded for the quest would be a cakewalk for it.

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another point in this is that the quest is probably going to run a custom version of linux or something similar. so it will be highly optimized specifically for running games and nothing else, compared to your computer which probably runs windows with a lot of background processes that can hog a lot of your performance.

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