Windows Mixed Reality Fishing Issue


I’m loving the game, but I’m having an issue with fishing while using a windows mixed reality headset. The Mixed Reality steam VR beta doesn’t allow vibrating on the controllers, so fishing is basically impossible. It would be great if there was a small tone or sound that happened as well as vibrating to “fix” the issue.

Thanks for the great work!

We are currently tracking this bug. Thanks for reporting!

I just ran into this issue. And I personally was expecting the bobber to go under water, because in real life my pole doesn’t shake while bobber fishing unless the fish really takes it, the bobber just drops under water.

This explains why I’m so bad at fishing! Is there any workaround, like cast and just immediately start reeling and hope something bites?

Yes, I found that if I cast then immediately set (pull up quickly) and reel for a second or two then set again and repeat. I have a pretty good chance of catching a fish. You can watch the line for color changes to see if you have a fish on the line.

Thanks! I’ll try it out!

I was looking into a WMR HMD for a friend who might play this game with me later since most are so cheap on amazon right now…why is haptic feedback taking so long to work for steamVR? Do they have a time frame when it will be working?

Couldn’t they just add a sound for when the fish bites, temporarily? Seems like a simple fix.

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