Wisdom doesn't affect ultimate bar

I’m told by various sources that wisdom is supposed to impact the speed at which your ultimate fills up. I did a few tests to see how much it affected me. Ya know, cause I wanna know if the rings are worth using. Oh and I only actually tested this on ranger.

With 0 wisdom and 20 wisdom my bar filled up in the same number of arrows. Whether up close or far off.

I’m reporting this as a bug, but if people are just wrong about what wisdom is supposed to do you can lock this post :slight_smile:

the wiki says that wisdom is for faster charging of the super ability.

but I noticed another weird thing about stats: one day I got a 251 bow and a 158 bow with 40+ intellect. So what I thought is that the 251 bow would deal more dmg with normal arrows and the 158 bow would maybe deal more dmg with ability arrows but the normal arrows did the exact same amount of dmg with both bows but the ability arrows did more dmg with the 158 bow.

So the stats like strength and intellect are way more effective than just the dmg of the bow and I think thats a bug too because the wiki says that the power of the weapon is the main way to up the dmg overall


I might be able to answer what was happening there. It could just be the damage cap. Apparently there’s a cap to how much damage your arrow can do. So when you had the 158 dmg bow, you were already hitting the damage cap. You could have put on a 1000 dmg bow and gotten the same numbers. The int from the 158 bow would still make the special arrows deal more damage.

okay but this still sounds weird because I can still one shot enemys that are at my level if I´m lucky enough to get a critical strike

I mean it does provide a boost, but it’s not like a 20% boost or something. I think 20 wisdom probably adds just a little bit onto each arrow. It may need to be boosted.

Regarding the Intellect, going from 0 to 40 is a pretty big boost…even at Level 20 the max Intellect you can get on a weapon is 100.

What level were you when you tried both of the bows, though?

Basically you Attack Rating is capped based on your Level. So if you’re say (these are made-up numbers) Level 5, and the max attack for Level 5 is 100. And you equip a 200 attack bow. You will still do just 100 attack. However, there is no cap right now for stats like Intellect. So it’s entirely possible depending on what level you were that (for example), your max Attack was 100 with both bows, so the extra Intellect made a huge difference.


I were level 12 or 13 and my basic arrows did 91 dmg

But that explains why it didn´t deal any more dmg. Thank you

That makes sense. I shot 89 short range arrows and filled up the bar with wisdom. Then 91 shots with 20 wisdom to fill it. I can test it more though I only did it twice. I did long range shots too and there wasn’t a difference between having wis and not.

So might need adjusting, if the idea is to promote gear diversity. At the moment I don’t know anyone who uses wis rings.

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