Withdrawal symptoms...?!?!?

hmmm… I am assuming I am in withdrawal stages if I have checked the server status a couple times today… counting down the days… lol.

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I never gets easier. You’re one of us now!

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Yep, i’m watching all the orbus beta videos for this reason.

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Ha same - just watch the boss fight from last night and now watching potions - kept getting a ruined potion outcome so I need to figure it out. Just found the witch lady last night after the fight so I am now on route to getting my wand… so much to do… and I cant lol!!!

Yeah I’m watched all the streams and even re-watched SAO, but I still feel empty. :cry:

The alchemy potion mechanics will change a bit next test. So hopefully you won’t get the ruined potions that much anymore
(source: Potion Recipe? Where can i find them?)

Oh yes. I had withdrawal even after the Open Alpha. Runecasting was just so fun and interesting!
So I ran back to Anyland and created a replica of the wand and made it shoot fireballs of a sort (via the trigger, no rune drawing unfortunately). :slight_smile:


I’m definitely experiencing post-beta depression.

I’ve been binge-watching my go-to cartoons to forget the pain.

It’s like going to summer camp and summer is over and you gatta wait for next year.


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lol i just loaded the files into unity and play it offline, lots of stuff is fucked by it kinda works

im joking of cause… although im gonna try it and see if they’ve protected the files:open_mouth:

Let me say you won’t be able to see the source code of the game client. Multiple people tried :stuck_out_tongue:
(but some other things are possible. :slight_smile:)

I also tried to mimic the server to let the client run offline. But the data is either encrypted or they are sending inconsistent binary data back and forth, so that was a dead end

ive deconstructed a few indie games before, i dunno if orbus would let me even try i dont wanna be kicked out of the beta program XD

If you don’t abuse what you do to play the game better or leak information, I am quite sure the devs won’t have a problem with that.

wouldn’t it be cool to make client side mods? like lightsabers ;), lol geez now i wanna work for orbus hahahahaha

So for anyone looking to pass the time while they wait, here are some shows I’d like to suggest! :smiley:

  1. Sword Art Online Seasons 1 & 2

  2. The Guild

  3. Log Horizon

Enjoy and stay strong! Beta is coming…

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SAO is definitely on tap for this weekend!

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Yeah i’m starting to get the twitches now.

If you’re THAT keen, grab a whiteboard and marker and keep practicing runes.


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The best part is, that’s not a bad idea…xD

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I miss you guys. I am so bummed i had to miss this past beta. I miss helping the new runemages get the basics down, i miss the funny things you hear as you pass by people, and i miss how much fun this game is. I have already told my family and my gf that when the next beta is here on the 15th, don’t expect to see or hear from me for a few days. Hope to see you guys again next month.

If you’re experiencing withdrawal, I recommend picking up the Berserk Manga and giving it a read. A lot of my plot stuff in Orbus is inspired by that series :slight_smile:

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