Woodland Bandits NPC not spawning


I get to the top of Ma’at keep and take the stairs down to the lower level plateau and find a small camp with two rebels that won’t aggro on sight. I’ve heard there is supposed to be a third that you can talk to complete the quest Woodland Bandits. However, that one doesn’t seem to be spawning.



I think the rebel can be killed maybe thats what happened?


Hmm I have been checking the spot over the past day and a half, does he have a really long spawn time?


No, he’s usually back in a few minutes.
What does your journal page say?


It gives the quest text and then the requirement is:

0/1 - Collect Wenderwood House Crest


I checked the location this morning and he had spawned, thanks all!


I already messaged Riley about this issue. and I think that he had the zone reset