Workshop in STEAM and game modifications?


Hello. Tell me please, will the workshop in STEAM be connected to the game?


Hi, it’s pretty unlikely since this is an online game, we don’t allow modifications of the game right now.


It is sad. Dota is also an online project, but there is a workshop there. I see no reason why not to add it.


The dev team being overwhelmed, it could still be interesting to allow external volunteer’s contributions/help tho :slightly_smiling_face: (even if it’s not through the steam’s workshop)


Honestly, the only thing you could really allow is client side reskins and stuff like parsing programs, which the first is negligible and the second is already in use.
Not really much reason to open it.


Let me ask you differently.
If a person makes new skin for some parts of the models, he has nowhere to place this skin. And this can be considered a violation of the user agreement.
Although the person did not want anything bad, he will be banned by the administration of the game itself or by STEAM.


So there are fears that such an assistant without the permission of the development team will simply be banned. I did not even find such a topic on the forum for posting a new skin or a new model for weapons or armor.


I’m gonna guess English isn’t your first language, no offense if it is.
Cosmetics are something that can be done client side, and have been done in very popular MMOs before, but since it doesn’t actually tamper with any server data, it should be largely unrecognized by the system. It’s effectively just drawing on your own screen, electronically.

But full disclaimer, I’m not a dev, and the dev has already spoken above.


Yes you are right.
English is not my native language.
I think the same way you do.
I want to know the opinion of developers