World Boss 1 on Saturday at 4 pm est


Raven Tail will be hosting the first world boss on Saturday at 4 PM EST. Don’t forget to bring your ithecac and meet at mountain crest.


The only reason to do WB 1 is for the cape, try doing WB 2 or 3 and people will come for them


Some people still need the cape from this as it’s not done as often as the others as no one needs the rings from this one


Well, it’s probably the easiest to do on a low level without dying, when the rings still could be usefull. No nasty poison or massive aoe, and quite easy to kill


I’ll try to be there, it’s one of the only cape I don’t have


Sounds awesome. Wish I could go. Shadows of Crimson will be hosting world boss 1 and 2 the following Saturday for capes and rings. Good luck out there.


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