World boss event 1st of June 21:30 BST (GMT+1)


Will be hitting up Giant Scav and Treesus this Saturday 21:30 BST (GMT+1) anyone is welcome to join, we will be starting at the flying high teleport (diamond + hourglass)

We will be using our discord, Public Party Chat to call out instructions and which boss we are at so jump on there to join in


No chaos giant ???


Those are the least useful rings and is easier so can be done with a smaller, more unorganised group so we tend to skip that in these events to get people their crit and vit rings


That makes sense, for me it’s more of a completionist thing lol. Out of curiosity how many peeps does it take typically?


See you there :smiley:


Just bumping this up! See you tomorrow!


Looking forward to it!

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BUMP… meeting up in Alphabet discord in just over 5 and a half hours from now hope to see you all there:)

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