World Boss Event (all bosses!)

Saturday, Oct 10th
Times + time-zones:
1pm est - 2:40pm est

If you would like to join us, we will be killing all three of the world bosses

The first boss will be the Bjorn Stafrute (1pm est - 1:30pm est)

The second boss will be the Scav Giant (1:35pm est - 2:05pm est)

The third boss will be the Chaos Giant (2:10pm est - 2:40pm est)

The closest teleport is Hidden Garden (Bjorn), Flying High (Scav), and Knight’s Fort (Chaos)

Look forward to seeing you there!


We will start at Bjorn, go to Scav, and finally Chaos

We will also be using the unofficial discord voice chat:

Thanks to @Emi (Meshe) for the meme :slight_smile:


Thanks for organising the event. Had to go after one chaos gient kill, my quest was getting low on power.

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Get that elite strap with battery for Quest2 and you’ll be good to go :wink: