World boss event Saturday 10th

Hello guys! Been a while since we have hosted a world boss event due to hardmode raid beta/release and then the Berlin meetup but its finally time to get people their rings!

We will be starting at the Scav boss at 21:30 BST (GMT+1) on Saturday 10th of August! Hope to see you there!

During the event we will be using the public party chat on the alphabet discord so jump in there if you don’t know what you are doing and we will try and guide you

For those in different timezone, here is a countdown so you don’t miss the event, hope yo see you all there!


Bump :grin: Hope to see you guys there


Thank you very much! Was great fun with so much people!

…not so successful though. 1 tree ring and like 20 capes :joy::crazy_face:


Ty, appreciate you guys for organising this! had a blast


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