World Boss Event


World Boss Event which is in the afternoon EU time so it’s more friendly to the Japanese players and the EU players that can’t always make it to the US timezone events

It will be starting on Sunday 9th of June at 13:00 BST (GMT+1) 21:00 JST (GMT+9) 07:00 Central US (GMT-5)

Here is a countdown timer for anyone confused by timezones:

We will likely have a lot less people than normal due to the time which we are doing it so I appreciate the efforts of anyone that can make it to help out!

We will be using our discord, Public Party Chat to call out instructions and which boss we are at so jump on there to join in


I’ll set an alarm :slight_smile:

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Just going to bump this up so more people see it! Hope to see you guys there :grin:


@Rickness_Voidwalker is it at 7 am central


Yes it is 7am for central


okay i will try to be on at 8 am est

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BUMP, only 3h left to go now!!

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Starting at the Highsteppe Boss


how’d it go? I’m curious if anybody recorded video on the oculus quest.


Worked fine. The quest limited the amount of people you could see and was almost a smoother experience then on the pc. Did not record it this time.

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Was great, was surprised how many showed, was a lot more than I expected with the time it was being done at, the next will be back at the US time but will totally host at this time again in the future, as for the quest, I still haven’t tried world bosses on it myself due to using discord to try and keep things organised but I have heard the performance isn’t bad on their due to it only showing 10 players, maybe next time I’ll throw mine on to see for myself

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Yes please, it is much more fun if you don’t almost doze away late at night (for me :wink: ) … we were around 40 in the first hour, that’s a really decent number and at least a bit less lags than with the “superbig” events.


I slept through all my alarms !! The deep sadness