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How will the world PvP in Reborn work when trying to create a party? Do all players in a party become PvP players if one player has the option turned on or will the option as a whole reside with the party leader?

Currently in OrbusVR when entering the wilds everyone is forced into PvP mode. If we are in a party then damage is negated and only party members can receive heals. Different groups then attack each other with no worries as everyone is fair game.

With Reborn, can a group form with some in PvP and others not? A flaw I see with this option when forming a group is that a healing class with PvP turned off will still be able to heal teammates without worrying about being killed / targeted. A DPS class will not matter as they would not be able to contribute to reducing the other teams health.


In the beta, PVP players can be in or join a party at will.
But they can not trade or get heals from said party, and in case of a pvp battle only those with pvp enabled could attack.

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Ok, so I did not respond earlier because I was not sure. During this Beta I tested it and one DOES receive heals as long as they are in the same party regardless if the group has a mix of people with pvp on and off. This just supports my previous post. Of course this only matters if the devs try to implement a trickster chest again or something similar in the overworld where parties can be formed.
I had mentioned this as well in a previous post, but having the ability to form raid parties where you are not worried about gaining xp or dropped loot from monsters but are only looking for safety in numbers and can, in my opinion, “cheat” the system by having healers out of pvp mode to guarantee their safety as DPS player hunt.
Think of it as how group usually go after the healer first when fighting mobs. What if that healer is invincible? The healer might not do damage but it makes it infinitely more difficult to clear / kill the group.


If you had PVP enabled and the healer did not and was able to heal you then it was a bug, and not intended behavior. We will get this tested more and patched out.

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