World PvP & Creating a party


How will the world PvP in Reborn work when trying to create a party? Do all players in a party become PvP players if one player has the option turned on or will the option as a whole reside with the party leader?

Currently in OrbusVR when entering the wilds everyone is forced into PvP mode. If we are in a party then damage is negated and only party members can receive heals. Different groups then attack each other with no worries as everyone is fair game.

With Reborn, can a group form with some in PvP and others not? A flaw I see with this option when forming a group is that a healing class with PvP turned off will still be able to heal teammates without worrying about being killed / targeted. A DPS class will not matter as they would not be able to contribute to reducing the other teams health.


In the beta, PVP players can be in or join a party at will.
But they can not trade or get heals from said party, and in case of a pvp battle only those with pvp enabled could attack.