Would adding resources (mana, arrows, ammunition) make the game deeper?


I really feel that adding some kind of resources, like craftable/buyable arrows for archers, or orbs for musqs, even mana potions for mages (so every successful cast would spend mana) would make the game more enjoyable. Trying to buy from other people elemental arrows that you need to farm certain mobs, or trying to get the materials to craft specific orbs that will help you in that raid boss. I think end-game would be funnier, and you would need to “set it up” a bit more.
I haven’t played the game yet, but for what I’ve seen, ammo is infinite, and mages don’t use any kind of resource, like mana. What do you think?

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this is true.
I believe this was mentioned once before, long ago, but due to the skill needed when drawing spells, or in aiming it was decided not to increase the difficulty by reducing how much ammo or mana we have. Hopefully I’m remembering this right.

Your idea about having to find specific items for a specific reason would be interesting, but that’s also kinda covered in choosing the right orbs/arrows/spells to use in certain situations, including in some boss mechanics. Musketeers and Rangers are limited in what orbs/arrows they equip. And Mages must have practiced the spells to ensure successful casting when needed.

Hope to see you in-game soon, check out Steam, I believe there’s a holiday promo on OrbusVR now so it’s a good time to check it out :slight_smile:


I’ve bought it already, so no problem.
I think that it wouldn’t be a big handicap, cuz you can always give player like 500 arrows per craft, or give scalable mana regen based on items or temporarily buffs.
Imagine the bard having a mana regen buff, that should be kept on raids in order to let mages be “free” of using mana potions, or reducing the amount of potions needed. Also having a kind of blacksmith in the group that could craft arrows when needed. I think a good outcome could come from that, but of course, it would be hard to balance.

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I think that this idea is actually good. Adding mana would make gameplay more interesting. However I think that the mana bar should increase with every level (= motivates players to play longer). Every spell takes different amount of mana. Obviously beginner spells/ lvl 1 spells would take the least amount and than going up to the more difficult spells. Everyone can still learn and use any spell but wouldn’t do it due certain circumstances e.g. a beginner wouldn’t use a spell which takes a lot of mana because they wouldn’t have any mana for the next spell.
With mana the dev. can easier control this class. Even the skill three could be better differentiated e.g. you the player could decrease the amount of mana certain spell takes. Important for this is that everyone should still be able to learn and use every spell. Just can’t cast it as often as they wish. Because I feel like the biggest upside to OrbusVR is that you can use everything from the start.
I feel like there are many upsides to this idea.
The ranger could also use mana (lets just call it by the archer power because mages are the only one who use magic). If the ranger would use up power with every single arrow they wouldn’t spam as much.
However I’m not sure if resources should be added to the musketeer and warrior class.

If the two new classes would use a resource that resource could be called: “corrupted mana”.


Are we playing the same game? To learn to play the mage takes hundreds hours you got nothing “from the start” since you need to practice everything… takin away the ability to cast as fast as you can would make practice pointless, because this is the exact difference between a crappy and a good mage. It would not deepen the game, but mega-nerf it.
As for the ranger there are no nerfs needed, there is a bar already, if you choose precision you can’t just spam arrows, also there’s orbs to fill… the limits in VR are physical further restrictions like counting arrows would so not fit to the game it would be just annoying, well, least for me.
Same with the musky it certainly got restrictions like you can only shoot once per second, a bar indicating that could be done and here you got your “mana” which “rebuilds”, it would be just for decoration though since you can do nothing but wait in between.


But at the same time what makes mage have so much better dps(single and group) is the fact that there is no limit and good mages can pump out spells as fast as they can and above what is expect, where as every other class has limits to their speed. To some extent mage should get a max cast speed to make it line up with current classes, including the bard and shaman, although I don’t think the suggestion of limited arrows and the like would be the way to do it. Since one attack do not do much damage against a mob, the amount of ammo needed for each class would get very absurd very fast

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Adding mana to that game would just be a slap in the facee to all the runemages that have put so many hours into perfecting the class just to have it changed. The end game runemages cast so fast that the mana regeneration wouldn’t be able to catch up so that would either make every end game runemage spend thousands on mana potions (of which you can only carry around 35 of them at a time because every potion weighs 1 pound and you can only carry 45 lbs at a time) or spend hours making them just to be able to fight things in the overworld (not including raids and dungeons)


Runemage resource is already in game, its called the deltoid (shoulder muscle).

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The thought youve put into the classes is cool, but a lot of the staples from other mmos just dont fit here in Orbus. I know it seems OP from the outside thinking a level 1 runemage can theoretically spam fireball 3 but I promise you the first time you attempt to cast fireball 3 youll see there is no need to fear that. It takes a great deal of practice to cast spells. And even after youve perfected a spell youre still subject to other variables (gear, fatigue).
The game is very well balanced imo.


Well, not really. As I’ve said, you could have buffs given by supports, like bards, that make you regen mana. Also, the mana spent per spell wouldn’t need to be that much, so you could “spam” a lot before having to spend a potion. That would be the same for arrows, you would craft something like 500 per craft, so you don’t really struggle with them.
All I was thinking with this idea is to add, somehow, more depth to the end-game, so in order to raid, in example, you would need to worry about ammo, which kind of ammo, having mana pots (or even certain gear that allowed you to regen more mana, so you wouldn’t need potions), and that kind of stuff.


Then what… is the point of them if normally you don’t need to bother? Btw 500 are likely not even lasting for one hard boss (12 mins fight, 1 shot per sec), not even with precision talent. I don’t know how frequently you are raiding, but one of the most tiring, tedious issues with participating in higher level dungeons and raids is to craft a selection of potions (or farm the money for them) and take them with you. Weight limits are already an almost game-breaking restriction for those playing several classes. And because potions are neither cheap nor easy to make some go without, benefiting less to the group than they could. Raidbosses can take a really long time with an unbuffed group.

Now my plain nightmare would be a ranger who holds back with speed, additionally (thus benefitting less to the raid) because he needs to watch his arrows…

Depths comes from more sophisticated mechanics imho, not further restrictions.


I like how much thought you put into your idea but I would hate it if it gets implemented. Im so happy that orbus has a completly different approach and does not use the same mechanics every other game uses.

I agree that the runemage is a problem just because it has to be balanced with the most efficient players in mind. So if you balance the content so that the best mage is not op, all good mages and below will be useless.


I wouldnt say that all the hard work in practicing the spells would go to waist because you can still use every spell the way you did before. Its just that you wouldnt use 20 in 2 1/2 min instead you might use 15 in the same time. Also I forgot to say that the mana should regenerate by itself otherwise this would be indeed a big nerf. I would hate having to create the whole time mana potions for sure. It could regenerate reasonable fast too. Maybe mana regenerates faster with every lvl.

Also when I said that you have everything from the start I mean that you can start practicing with the most strongest spell from the beginning, if you’d like to. @Metris_Marshmallow


I would not like to see a mana system or an ammo system. That would make for some really frustrating times if you don’t have those resources by dying very cheaply when you could have killed that enemy with the current system. Or it won’t matter because all of the people at high levels will have thousands of arrows, bullets, and mana potions on them that the game would be much harder for low levels, as they have to deal with small resources. However endgame will also not be helped as everyone would have so many of those items that it would not matter to them.

Your idea of farming elemental arrows could be fleshed out to all classes. Making things like special ammo or mage focus items that augment the power of the attacks. You would have special ammo for group damage and solo damage, but also have ammo that increases healing for musketeers. Mage focuses help increase the power of the spells or add other effects to spells like extra dots or increased spell speed but break permanently after enough uses, around 500 to 5000 spells. All of these would be farmable as you say and then would add a new level of set up to end game while not being required. It would add depth that is much appreciated while not causing cheap deaths due to resources that would put off people from the game.

Mage is a good example of why many mages would not like a mana system. Mage requires practice and you can constantly get better, faster, and more consistent. If a mage was tied to a mana system then on top of having to draw the runes we also would have to make sure we keep on top of our mana. It would make mage a potion chugging class which would not be fun to many. We practice to push the boundaries of what is possible with mage and get better with virtually no skill ceiling reachable by people. Adding a mana bar would be viewed as a negative addition for most mages.


But even the fact that you will have to actually use a mana potion every once and a while is kind of insane. And if the amount of mana per spell wasn’t that much the mana bar would only be implemented during end game. We don’t really see many level 1 mages spamming spells like no tomorrow very much in orbus so the mana bar would mean nothing to the lower level players. And even if it did get scaled down to their level since they had less mana, then the better lower level mages would be screwed because of the need for mana potions in combat.

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