Would love to see bazooka musket return as transmog

There was this massive musket gun in OG orbus. Iirc it was leveling gear for when you first got to the desert, it was huge and sparked many fun conversations in highsteppe. I’d love to see this thing or maybe an updated version capturing its character come back and be an earn-able transmog in Reborn. I’d gladly quest, tinker, whatever to get this thing.

If anyone has a good screenshot, please post it below (I don’t have a picture of it).

Oh that thing… Yes please I love not being able to aim!

I’m sorry … so let me get this straight. I’m looking down the barrel of a proper bazooka only to get a face full of heals? I like the sound of that xD

The salt shaker? :thinking::stuck_out_tongue:


I probably wouldn’t use it in dungeons very much. Doesn’t mean I don’t want to walk around highsteppe with it. I also never found the aim/fov blocking as bad as some other people did. It is part of the charm of using a bazooka musket!

I hated that thing

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