X marks the spot in sewer

Seriously? Why did devs add x’s to where the buckets pour for the slime boss in the sewers? Seems like a useless addition in the update that only dumbs down a fight that already indicates the location of the buckets on the ceiling with their shadow on the floor.

It’s probably something that only took a couple minutes and a couple people we’re probably asking for it so they added it because that can and it’s there game

Quest users can’t currently see shadows if I remember correctly. It would suck to be under something you can’t even see and die to it. The X’s are pretty helpful if you think about it like that.

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That is why they put in the white dot to show where the shadow is. The x does not indicate shadow but shows where the bucket pours. I completely disagree with putting in the x’s showing where the bucket pours.

Taking a couple of minutes to do is irrelevant. People asking for things does not mean it should be implemented. There are many things that that people ask for that do not get implemented that would add quality to the game that have not been implemented or considered. Adding something like this is ridiculous in my opinion.

That is why they put in the white dot to show where the shadow is. The x does not indicate shadow but shows where the bucket pours. I completely disagree with putting in the x’s showing where the bucket pours.

The white dot was added by mistake, it was a work in progress and not meant to be part of the patch (and they were mostly in the wrong spot.) PC users always had an advantage over Quest users with being able to see the shadows.

While a giant yellow X wouldn’t have been my first choice for a fix, it levels the playing field for people on different headsets, and that’s an overall positive.


What do you mean the white dot was in the wrong spot? It was exactly where the shadow for pcvr users was on the floor. The x indicates the pour location which is ridiculous (hence the whole point of my post).

“The white dot was added by mistake” I have never heard this before, but ok.

Not sure how the “x” levels the playing field. The dot leveled the playing field. X marking pour location does nothing for the user of any device (quest/rift/etc) except make the fight easier (no value/fix/etc added) and adds an ugly and non lore visual indicator in game.

My whole argument that I guess is not clear is: anything(x’s) indicating pour location is bad (all devices/hmds), marking bucket shadows(dots) for users that cant see shadows(quest users) is good.

The x definitely is a dumb addition to the game but the dev’s literally have said that the white spot was not in the correct position and didn’t indicate the actual pouring spot. Some of the spots are literally meters away from the pouring spot

If the white dot was placed directly in the middle of the shadows, then it was most certainly put in the wrong spot. As far as I know, only one of the buckets actually pours its contents directly on the shadow. The shadow is NOT a good indicator of where the effect is going to land. If a white dot was placed in the middle of the shadow, then it would be misleading at best. The shadows on the PC version are already misleading. Putting an X to mark the spot where the effect ACTUALLY lands is a welcome indicator even for those of us playing on PC.

I guess I should do some reading, where have they said that “the white spot was not in the right position”?

The point of a shadow is not to indicate the pour spot of a bucket. Shadows are environmental effects. But you can use the shadow of the buckets as a reference point for the pour spot.

Either way, if this is the type of direction the devs continue to take (appeasement to laziness/making everything easy mode) then it is probably a good thing that they have some competition coming soon.

You do realize that hard mode citidel is dropping soon. It seems to me the devs are raising the skill ceiling not lowering it.

It never occurred to me that adding quality of life indicators for the bucket drop locations could spell doom for all that is holy and challenging in orbus :roll_eyes:


Yeah definitely not a fan of giant yellow Xs in the dungeon to mark the pour spot. Aesthetically ruins the look and immersion of the boss room. Its also a little silly that the Xs aren’t centered on the pour spot either.

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I never understood why people couldnt just look up at the ceiling to see where the buckets are hanging. Its really not that hard guys


Id say just remove them please. Id honestly rather nothing then the x

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I like it I think it’s good. Helps with sewers also it may help people with problems were they can’t look up all the time do to irl problems. It’s also inclusive for quest players. I feal like sometimes we fail to relize not everything is about you. And sometimes compromise is okay. But like mishka said somthing that matches the inviorment would look better

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I never had an issue with it being in there. In fact I actually suggested something of the matter a bit ago. However the implementation of the yellow X is a bit out of place and something that fits more in the environment would of been preferred

Having something there is great. The yellow X, though, is very jarring and out of place. Sewer grates, darker splotches on the ground, a drip coming down like Dovregubben, all of those would have worked but stayed in the theme.


Im on a quest 1 and i still would rather not have the exes there. However, if we do need something I would agree with Mishka and have something more fitting.