XP Bonus no longer working?


It is awesome that we can reroll blue and green items now, but I rerolled my leveling gear to xp and the bonus stopped working entirely now on turning in quests and finishing events.

Is this intended or a bug? These are my two main (if not only) xp sources, so if it got no effect on these, intentionally, I can as well roll all back…

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I’m having a similar issue, My exp gear stopped giving me extra xp for at least events,missions and dungeon completion somewhere last week. The 4% bonus from my gear isn’t applied anymore in these cases and it’s hard to check for other cases. I haven’t re rolled these modifier but same question. Does this work as intended?

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Looking at the code it should be working fine. It just adds the bonus at the last step before you gain any type of XP. When you’re looking to see if it’s working are you looking at the log at the top and comparing it to a previous value of some kind, or?


Yes I am looking at the log at the top which shows 12k (and in events 7500k). Formerly it was +4% so for example 7800k for events. Also ONE piece was working for a while, I saw 12 120 (+1%) and 7575k, but after deleting and rerolling the ones with higher armor none of them works any more.


Okay just to be sure, this is not the gear you currently have equipped right?


No I have an xp set in my inventory for leather, cloth and plate which I normally change to when turning in quests or events.


Okay…I will add some logging this morning to help monitor and make sure it’s working properly.


I will bump this and I think one of our guild members also found what is wrong! Most of us got xp gear by now which is level 30+ (blue, epic) and it does not seem to work on these.
It would explain why I still had 1% xp for a while - like 1/4 pieces was working - until I switched my gear to higher and we could reroll all, like one piece was still my level or so.

As for other affixes not working, can it be that none of the affixes work if the one wearing them is not the same level yet? Or at least that blue/epic are excluded? That would be not intended I guess since it would apply to every 2nd, 3rd etc. leather class one levels.


You’re saying you think it works when you have +1% XP on like a Green piece of gear but if it’s blue or purple then it stops working?


This is the case and intended, AFAIK. If you’re using gear above your level, the affixes do not apply.

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Well I don’t think that’s how it should work, no, you get gear above your level (+1) all the time while leveling and also so far it was working … it would not make any sense to cap the affixes because they are just same for green and blue.
I understand if perhaps one is not working on an epic which got 2, but one of them - preferably the xp - should apply on lower levels.

@Riley_D I rather think it had to do something with the levels, I had 1% (instead of 4%) for quite a while before the option to reroll, but sadly did not track down which piece that was.
Now I still got (higher) level gear which is green and the (rerolled) xp-affixes on the green 30-gears are also not working.


Okay so just to make sure we’re on the same page, you are wearing Level 30 gear (green, blue, etc.) and you are on a Level 30 class right? Or you’re saying you are wearing Level 30 gear but you are on e.g. a Level 15 or something?

Note that 30+1, 30+2, etc. is still considered “Level 30” for these purposes.


Yes I am wearing level 30 gear with lower levels, that gear is what I got from leveling my other classes - and I also get 1+ level higher gear every now and then on the one I am leveling, from chests etc. Do we have to have exactly the same level gear (or lower) to have the xp bonus on it apply?


Yes, that’s exactly how it works


Welllll but then the reroll for greens is really not worth it. We will overlevel gear in no time anyway - often enough, as stated, we already get +1 gear from chests. So far I thought it is nice to farm some 2nd gear with xp for alt-classes, but if we need to keep track on levels also to get the affixes work then I guess I just take any bonus which comes across my way until 30 and sell my shards.

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You do realize that if you have 5 +1% affixes on xp that if it would take you 20 hours to level to 30, it instead takes a whopping difference of 1 hour (19 hours total instead)


Every bit helps when you’re leveling so many characters. That’s several hours over several characters in your example.

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Yep every little bit does help; 4% is the max since it’s not on weapons. On top of this the whole process of farming a 2nd xp gear cross-class was fun, yet now I learned this is pointless before 30 (and then again what for… the over-levels are really something I would not even think about boosting.)

Also it is by far not clear that affixes don’t apply to lower levels… all you can do for xp then is to carefully always wear lower or same gear for xp, even if you get a better piece, with xp, from an event, which is quite a fuzz but yea at least now the reason is clear.

If that goes for all affixes it might also be the reason for people stating they don’t work in other threads btw, it is far from obvious. If affixes do nothing for alt classes until they are 30 that means in the end every blue or purple gear you get (edit: from your main leather/cloth/plate etc. class) is WORSE than a green which is your level.


you can get leveled blue gear from dungeons if completed while levelling, 24 wands and such. As far as I am aware those should work if you are that level or higher (my example was 24), I certainly felt as if my spells moved faster with a strength wand :man_shrugging:


You misunderstood my post or I was not clear, the whole point of my thread is that the gear from shard dungeons, when playing lvl 30 classes - or get superfluous blues traded from others, which you turn into xp gear - or any higher level gear can not be turned into leveling gear.

Any same-leveled gear is overleveled in no time - btw I dont even bother doing dungeons below 30 except perhaps for the daily xp queue boost - so you would need to reroll and reroll or play with much lower gear to constantly have the xp boost. Not that we didn’t do that before, but I thought the point of the reroll ability for greens and blues is to go with only two sets per leather, cloth, plate, one for your main/dmg class and one for leveling the 1-2 others which wear it as well.
As things look now you can as well abandon your leveling gear once 30 and start farming new gear from level 1 again with the new class.

As stated it does make limited sense if any green is automatically better than shard gear just because it’s your level. I think it should at least be equal (armor+1 affix applying).

But nvm really, I roll it back or delete it.