Xp farming for a level 7 mage?


Im a level 7 mage and want to get some more gear and xp anyone know a good spot for me?? because the enemies by the main spawn aren’t getting me any xp at all.


Leave Highsteppe with the stairs between Stall 1 and Stall 9, then turn left and after a short walk you will enter the jungle area, there are bears, bees and further in warriors, tigers etc. which should give you alot of XP.

Also there is a desert area you can already try, you can reach it if you walk all the way towards the inn, there is the entrance (check your map), but the jungle should get you a bit further already.


Thanks man : ) Ill give it a try now : )


Stay on the msq, its the best xp path.


normaly I would say save the msq but the update is soon so use it to powerlevel


Green icon above mobs won’t give you xp anymore, so heads up there. I second following MSQ and side quests you pick up for xp and where to take you