You should make a adventures guild

so sometimes you run out of missions so I think their should be a place where you go to get missions that you can’t get from any NPC’s And an AI that would Make up different quests so if you ran out you could get a new one


They really should and every day a more quest get added to it. Like if u need a quick mission to do

Seconded this. Could maybe do like a more long term party system with an adventuring guild. The current party system works for short team ups and fellowships are good for coordinating large groups but a dedicated adventuring party would be cool.

With the addition (or I guess re-addition) of farms and sheep perhaps one of the adventures guild quests could be protecting the farmers and their farms and livestock from monster raids.

Actually in the March 15 blog post where they announced the farms, they said “While there are no new quests with this update, expect to see some side quests from the farmers in the future, as it seems likely their sheep will get lost or have run-ins with the monsters that still roam the area.”


Thats nice im just saying if an adventurers guild is added that could be one of the quests we could receive there.

The most similar thing is the Long Term Mission vendor in the Tavern.