1 sec kills, hacked transmogs, game over

Are the devs paying attention any more, i guess not. Between the insta killing boss 4, and the players running around with hacked old game gear. 1 sec kill times on boss1-3 citadel. The machine gun scoundrels, flying players. People say this game is dying, seems like the community is putting the nail in the coffin. If devs are turning a blind eye, its time to move on from this game. Thanks for the memories!! Im very thankful for friendships and people ive met over the years. But time to move on……


Jut wanted to respond and say that we banned a group of players last week that had been detected with modified clients, and have followed up via PM with players that have reached out to us with information. If anyone has additional information more then the times posted to the armory, please reach out so we can continue to track this down.


No offense, but this seems like a wasted doomer post just like the rest on the forums these days. Unless you’re directly reporting said players.

What’s the point? If you truly wanted to move on like you said, you wouldn’t even bother posting like this to begin with and just causing even more problems. On top of the cheating players.

I can see why a long-time player like you is upset about this situation, and I can emphasize. I dislike the one shot kills and people cheating for better gear. But in the games current state where people actively KNOW the game isn’t going to be around for very much longer… Is it really a surprise that people would be doing such things? It’s not a justification, but surely you knew this would happen.

On top of that, Most of these “hacks” that are coming around have been around for as long as you and I have been playing the game. Either under secretive wraps or discovered very recently due to the announcement in May. It’s not like all of the sudden they just popped up out of the blue.

Just enjoy what time you have left. If you don’t like people cheating then don’t associate with those people. Contrary to your belief, there are more legit players out there than there are cheaters.


“Just causing more problems on top of the cheating players”

My bad snowflake, didnt realize all the problems im causing by writing on the forrums,

At least for me it was out of the blue, how many times have you seen someone flying in the orbus sky? Or one-shot killing? Or a green leaf wearing old game gear….

Imma stop……

been like 7 days without logging in, feels good. I was hooked on this game. I’ll remember it for what it was and not what it is now.

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Next , people cheating doesn’t lesson what you have accomplished , it lessons who thay are as a person
Don’t cut off your nose to spite your face


Sheesh. Maybe you did need this break-away after all, pal. With all the talk of toxic players you seem to go on about whilst you sit in fellowship court doing nothing but must have really gotten to you yourself. Ironic.

I apologized for the nerve I must have touched, such a sensitive subject. I’m glad you got to vent your frustrations though, clearly you needed it.

Despite that, the reason you’ve never seen anything like that is because no one wants to do any of that around you. Cause the second they know you of all people see, its over. That’s not to say I’ve seen it every day since I’ve started playing. But its been going on a while behind the scenes. And now that the game is properly dying, they care less and less about hiding it. And the forms of cheats have gotten bolder and less tricky to spot.

Regardless, I bid you farewell. I hope that in the future you are able to cope properly with the loss of a game you so enjoyed.


I agree with this, cheating isn’t good for the game but if you decide yourself to not play with them or talk to them then it shouldn’t affect you as much. Continue doing content with the people you enjoy playing with and you will continue to enjoy the game


Please change my name back to mariojudah like please

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Bro just stop playing you talking like its a drug bro. “I was hooked on this game” “been 7 days without logging in feels good”


Haha did you of all people just refer to me ad being a toxic player? Thank you for taking every opportunity to put me down.

It’s nice to feel free but it’s nice to see you in orbus, too. Sux you’re gone.


So, just because only some people disagree with you, we are all taking the opportunity to put you down?

I really do hope the best for you man. I was just pointing out the idiosyncratic ways you complain about the games current state. You act as if everyone wants this outcome. Where people are cheating and the game is dying more and more each day. And complaining about any situation gets you no where.

But since you can’t take any advice, nor look at criticism as anything but an attack on your character, at least give me the dignity of answering the question where any of us called you toxic. I’d love to see where that is.

The only thing close to what I can find on that is me calling you out for this childish behavior. And the behaviors you have in-game towards toxic players. Which is why I said it was ironic. Because despite your own words, I have been nothing but patient and attempted to be cordial with my criticism of your beliefs and you have done nothing but throw insults and provide nothing constructive at all.

Please do log out man, you need it. I’ll see you in Orbus ReReborn. So long. :raised_back_of_hand:


You deadass are toxic buddy, every single player in this game was toxic whether they hide it from you or keep it to themselves. Peoples own thoughts will always be thought just to whom they express them to changes per person. Every singe mf in this game except like 3 ppl i met in there. Its just they might if not showed it to you or not, also you will look past your friends and yourself as an exception of being toxic because they are your friends. And and hop off your high horse like you have a higher say in things talking like you ACTUALLY above us not just a higher skill level. Anyways game dead u are just some random like 30 year old who complained that pc players had more money than you and its the only reason oc players ever were better and blamed everything on thst they played on pc disregarding skill:)


Aye all y’all shut up

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