10 predictions for the future lore

These are predictions that I’m going to make now and revisit in like a year or so to see if I got any right feel free to say any predictions you have too

  1. The next main bad guy will be Baal I think this because I don’t know anyone else who could be making portals to our realm that lead to the chaos realm
  2. Ma’at is dead (kinda a reach but it makes sense to me because she kinda just left her realm which doesn’t make sense to me)
  3. The next chaos dungeon will be in the Forest of Zanthron which is the goddess Teras dimension
  4. We might get an astral market because it was mentioned in lore and I feel like it could be a cool place (maybe replace the cash shop?)
  5. We will finally be able to see the castle nodenghast and it will look like the orbus logo but more castle and evil
  6. There will finally be lore for the dungeons (please)
  7. We will hear more about other dimensions and realms out side of the chaos realm and realm of order
  8. We will start to make more progress with befriending the scavs
  9. We will get a library update with more lore books
  10. There will be another dev event and all my lore questions get answered

Please have extra character slots for sale, please have extra character slots for sale…