"1st Alpha" Playtest Poll: Which were your 2 favorite classes?

  • Musketeer
  • Ranger
  • Runemage
  • Warrior

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I think the Runemage is going to be the favourite for a lot of people for a while, partly due to the idea of casting magic, and partly due to the unique casting mechanic. Nonetheless, I think the other classes have come a long way. Each has it’s own strength and is, to my knowledge, rewarding to play. Trying to do the big plant dude (I’m sorry I don’t know his/her name) is very difficult without at least 3 classes. And while not all of the classes deal the most damage, those that don’t have tools to help their allies that do in a meaningful way.

The system isn’t perfect yet (I doubt it ever will be in an MMO with a class system), but it’s a damn sight better than it used to be.