3D Printed Wand


Had to show off before reborn :smiley:


Haha nice! That’s great.


That’s really cool! @Asmund_T Made one out of wood


get your wand out! @Asmund_T :rofl:


Here’s the one i made from wood.


Cool! That’s really neat.


@Bral @Padis boys… your turn.


@Roxy Get yer wand out love


Nice job! Its a lot harder to do that with wood


I think you mean to say it ‘wood’ be easier in plastic!

I’ll see myself out.


Here is my ice wand~
Sculpted in clay! …I mean sculped from the snow and ice in frosted spit ofc ^_~


you beat me to it, mean !!!


Made mine i October Sparky, you too slow! :wink:


Thats awesome Roxy! I will have to try the crystal wand next, but I still don’t think it will look as good as that one, nice job!


Uhhh…what are the chances I can convince you to make me one that I can put in a glass case or something? Hahaha…


Cool wands , I have a 3d printer but can only print stuff downloaded from the internet dont know how to draw to well


what would you like, ill do one for you just name the item. but can give me the little desert lizard model file to print too


Aww man, I forgot about that lizard!


message me if you want one


I think he was after one of the unique high quality clay crafted ones made by @Roxy not something he could easily 3D print himself