4 Stack PvP Queue

Allow us to queue for pvp in parties of 4. I think it’d make pvp alot more fun if you could play as teams. Also trying to organize an event and the duo queue is making things difficult…


Tbf it used to be a thing and then the devs had to take it out cause there would be 4 really good pvpers just dominating q which actually didn’t work cause if there are 2 parties of 2 and those are the only ones that exist in q they will always get in the same team

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ok counter point
a team of 4 can only go up against a team of 4
keeping random que free of one power teams and still a way to play as a squad

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As a devout PvPer, I can say that this is 100% a bad idea.

The only reason that it’s hard to get an event going for PvP isn’t because people feel alienated when they can’t play with more than one friend on their team. Rather, a lack of any reason to do PvP at all.

The only reason you’d do PvP in Orbus is either for fun or for Trickster. (And even then, most people don’t even fight. They just pali around and shard swap when in trouble.)

Adding the ability to queue with 4 players all at once would introduce more problems in my opinion. The game struggles as is to balance teams whenever there’s duos. And it would be thrown out the window if it was a stack of good PvPers against casual players. As soon as they get rolled so effortlessly, they won’t wanna que up again. And they can’t even be blamed for that.

Not only that, but you even used to be able to 4 man que for BGs. Though it was changed to duos after a PvP guild at the time dominated so hard no one enjoyed playing BGs even for fun. So it’s a tried and tested idea.

TL;DR without an actual reason for people to do PvP/Battlegrounds, people aren’t going to do it. Party size unfortunately won’t do much for BGs queue.

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Sounds like a good idea, though with the population of this game, it won’t really work out.

If I have to go around and yell or even beg people to queue for BGs just to get duo games going… what are the chances i’m going to cross 4 other players who wanna PvP AND are in a 3-4 stack?

It’s not impossible, just statistically unlikely.

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I never play PvP/BG, but I like to hear and read what players say about it. Grabbing the popcorn!

not even enough people in the game to make this work. pvp is fine as it is, also play overworld pvp not bgs then you can do groups of 4 and its real pvp

PvP is NOT fine

Its in a terrible state right now. Both in terms of balance and people who even wanna do it.

Otherwise, I totally agree. BGs should be for a test of skill and general PvP knowledge as its always been. Considering everyone in BGs gets scaled to the same level and damage. Despite weapon and gear disparity. And overworld should be for larger groups. Thats how it used to be back in old game. Where literal guilds of people would fight over the PvP world event.


pvp balance is mostly fine. there is metas in every game. Scoundrel Pally Mage and Muski are all very good in pvp. people just don’t play them correctly. even ranger can be really good. again Mages put the most practice into their spell skills, and anyone who says its overpowered i assure you charmaster can kill you with scoundrel and agro can kill you on pally. people can be Very good at their classes if they play them right. some classes werent meant for pvp others are. its like this in every game. if all classes were equally as good then it wouldn’t be fun. scoundrel is arguably the best, and paladin is unkillable if played perfectly. the state of people wanting to play pvp is unrelated to actual pvp. they are all just bums who don’t wanna put in the TONS of hours of practice put into it. they just say MAGE OP or SCOUNDREL OP. if its really op, then kill me while using mage, or kill a char using scoundrel. not gonna happen most likley because we have spent SO many hours practicing. ive heard the balance thing many many times.its just people not wanting to practice, hell most classes or strats are VERY underrated in pvp you just need to approach the fight and class very differently. classes have weaknesses and Strengths, players different mindsets affect how they use those classes, take pvp treating the player as an actual player not a mob and you will notice this(talking to everyone).

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Hard disagree there. I love playing Warrior. I love Warrior v Warrior in PvP, but other than that the class is completely useless for it. You would actually see me in PvP if Warrior were viable.


Warrior v warrior is so fun. The day after an intense 1v1 session you can barely move your arm from being so sore. Would be cool if it was more viable against other classes.

I agree with your message. Firmly in fact. I believe that if you’re truly good at your class in PvP then you deserve to see that skill recognized not only by other players. But in your practiced and optimal gameplay.

I am one of 3 people in the whole game of Orbus to commit to maining Bard as their PvP class. And I have seen that recognized.

However, the fact of the matter is that the unbalance comes from a place of consistency. Being, rather, some classes overall can beat others overall much more often than another.

What I mean is, in terms of how consistently an average skill level mage can preform vs. an average skill level scoundrel. Or an average skill level Pali vs. an average level Ranger.

These are all playable matchups. However these classes are preforming at an exceptional level. And more often the not will have one majorly come out on top compared to the other. And thats not to say that these classes are absolutely broken and anyone who plays them is unskilled. I can totally respect and appreciate the amount of skill it takes to reach high skill level with PvP Mage or Pali.

But it really is unbalanced. For PvP.

I think that these classes should get nerfs that only apply in PvP scenarios.

I think mage overall need to have damaged tuned down just a bit. The speed in which is now commonly seen to cast, is decently fast. And their high as well as consistent damage totally puts them on top. But they are cloth armored squishies, and terrible at super close ranges. The literal definition of “Glass Cannon”. However, what puts them above classes like Scoundrel and Ranger is that if they have space they should always come out on top. So the counterplay is to get closer and bait spells.

Something like this for pali would be to decrease his defensive options. But compensate by increasing offensive options.

Assuming these would have an apply only affect for PvP;

Hammer throw would have a slight cooldown between throws. Making running harder. Yet still plausible. Along will a longer heal cooldown.

To compensate, perhaps Subtly increasing the rate at which you can get your charges back. As well as the power book gaining more power to it. The heal book would also decurse you.

This would make the class more able to fight and punish. But less annoyingly defensive so they can be actually killed. Point is, that would be a more robust system. Its terrible design if you have a class that can just choose not to engage a losing fight anymore. And still traverse the map at an acceptable rate of speed. Whist the other person stuck into a permanent slow walk with the occasional burst from a teleport. And the only way to get out of that situation is to use a button thats on cooldown for five minutes. Or end yourself. Unless the Pali was to re-engage and lose the fight. But why would he? With an almost infinite teleporting ability along with his actual teleport, why would he do that when he just has the natural advantage.

TL;DR PvP should be skill expressed. It should NOT punish you for the wrong class choice. I agree that there should be classes that are overall just better than some others. But not ALL others. At the same time. This game has not been balanced around PvP at all. And realistically it should stay that way. The devs should not balance around PvP. They should balance FOR PvP.

Ive been experimenting with warrior. Its actually doable. You can two shot cloth and leather armors.

But it is the most expensive class to make PvP viable that it just isn’t even worth it. And its so sad too. Warrior PvP is extemely fun.


okay, lets make bards able to kill mages and live forever now :slight_smile:

warrior is good at pvp, but the teleport on players makes it bad, nature of the class its just not meant for pvp.

And that’s the issue.

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Ah yes.

Cause that’s what I was getting at with typing all of that.



Nature of the class

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