5 Year Anniversary Blog Post

Were back to celebrate 5 years of OrbusVR fun! Check out the blog post below for information on the upcoming events and rewards you can earn during the events, with additional personal and server wide rewards happening during each phase!


Question about the dragons, will they be exclusive colors or will they have colors you can already get?

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The 5 year anniversary color palette will be exclusive to these dragons so you will not be able to breed any of these colors (like the backer/founder dragons given out back in the day). The icons that are shown in the inventory will also be different from any regular dragon icons so you will be able to tell.


I don’t see a date Is there an idea of when the patch launches, and also will there be a road map for this year like we had last year?

Will the new dragons be soulbound?

January 23rd is when the first part launches

No they will be tradeable

Rupert :sparkling_heart: :sparkling_heart: :sparkling_heart: with a new look, I can’t say how much I love it!
Is the new skin only for the pet version, or it will be possible to have a Shaman-summoned Rupert with the new skin?
Rupert :sparkling_heart: :sparkling_heart: :sparkling_heart:

maybe like the J is for Jester how it changes your light spell, the pet changes your shaman super


will the dragon colors and size be random for each person?

No there will be no randomization here just like the the backer and founder dragons

The last part where it says “we hope Orbus can be a place you can call “home” in the world of VR.” hit hard…Its been home for 5 years and its great. Thanks OrbusVR and the Dev team for sticking around.