5X and 10X Artificing Tile Recipes PLEASE!

We already have them for potions.

Crafting tiles is essentially the same process.

Crafting them one by one is painfully boring and time consuming.

I can’t imagine it would be very difficult to add them, I mean it seems like the logic is already there somewhere since we have the 5X and 10X potion recipes.

It would be a massive QoL improvement for people like me who regularly mess around with tiles/artificing and I would be forever grateful lmao


devs please I need to improve game with tiles but can’t test them for it being too time consuming. pls it makes everything easier

I totally agree with this, and I’d include metal cogs to it as well.
Just gotta bring a tiiiiiiiny small little problem to it. All 5x and 10x pots use legendary fishes in their recipes. It would be at least awkward to use fishes for tilecrafting.
How about creating a “Legendary Ore” for those recipes? They could be, let’s say, one that spawns only in Forsaken Isle caves during the rain. Or a rare drop in high level shards.


Call them Chaos Ores,
with some of the recent portals opening and the line between our dimensions thinning our caves have been growing strange new rocks made out of minerals that have only been observed in the chaos realm. With their chaotic molecular structure they will try to mimic whatever rock they come In contact with allowing you to make many more products than you could before.


im like 95% sure the 1x of the enhanced pots also require legendary fish.

Nah, I already checked this, 1x potion recipes do not use legendary fish, at least not according to the wiki.

I’d be down for a new “legendary” ore that only spawns at certain times or under certain conditions. It would be well worth the time spent gathering this new ore if I was able to craft large amounts of tiles using it.

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@Jake_E I’m begging you :joy:

At least give us 5X for tiles, I don’t even need the 10X, 5X is good enough


TL;DR as always
Bumping as well, just to bring new ideas for a legendary ore:

  • It could be a possible drop from mimics (an enraged version of them would be fun) you kill only in Forsaken Isle;
  • As @stone_r mentioned about Chaos, it could be a rare content in the chest obtained in the Chaos Portal event. Another possibility is making it be a rare drop from Chaos/Tear enemies that spawn in events, like the ones in Lamavora;
  • Another possibility is that it was some very rare mutation of items in events like Chaos Portal, Essence Caves and Flying Fish. Let’s say you just got the essence piece to bring back to the shredder. A message would pop up saying “You found a Legendary Ore!”;
  • A last insight that I had was rarely spawning like ore in certain hidden areas, or areas nobody passes through often in shards and/or raids.

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