6 man teams improvement

a small but useful improvement would be to allow for 6 player parties in-game a few times we have had 6 people and one gets left out of the exp chain. it is just a pain to communicate over range when we have 6 people and every one gets separated and the one non party member disappears. it is not a big deal adding it would just be a nice small update that would be some what useful.

I recall seeing something about World bosses that would essentially require multiple parties, what about the ability to create raid groups of 6-25 players? This would be useful for the grind parties that occasionally happen too :slight_smile:

We will at some point have a mechanism for creating larger parties (definitely 10, maybe more than that, we’ll see). However, like other MMOs if you’re in a “Raid” sized party you will only be able to do “Raid” sized activities, meaning the XP from grinding in the world will be greatly reduced, you won’t be able to enter dungeon instances, etc.

We have to pick a number of players in a group to design the game around, we chose 5 for content like grinding, dungeons, etc. If we just let you bring any number of people in your party then it would just break the balance of the game.

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