A few Bugs and other notes

The Bishop is not on the deck

Guardian Bart did not give a ring when I got the first cape, text says that he was giving me one.

We were able to pass through the walls in the University and in the main city

Should all the frogs be spitting out of the fountain?

We did the Woodland Rebels quest as a party, turned it in fine, but our exp bar didn’t increase… ok, we’ll report that later… we continued, Old Wise Man quest, got the infected spirits quest. Exp bar still hadn’t moved for me(DaesAlt) or RobotLoveAlt. Decided to relog, maybe it’s just a graphics glitch. Both of us got moved from the guard tower where we logged out, back up to the Woodland rebels and our quests that we’d completed, were reset. It was like even though we were playing and progressing, the server wasn’t keeping our progress?

Player House sign edits:
“to store your Alchemy, Lure ingredients, and other gear”
“the Teleportation Device that Guardian Bart”

Ran through the Boars in the Jungle to get up the stairs for the airship. Got stuck in combat and had to use the Unstuck command

Marcell Cenn does not always show his quest icon until After you wave at him.

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good catch, that was old dialogue, it should have said take this guardians cape

This could be by design, but I’ve noticed that my Ability Bar resets to 0 whenever I change instances, IE: it was full before going into the Library, empty when I entered. It refilled to 100% while in the Library, but when I left it reset again.

While in the Library, the guards are passing though the bookshelves (I know it’s been mentioned already) After the guard is killed, the body slides back though the shelf. Not sure if this is preventing me from getting drops, but I didn’t get anything from the 8-10 guards I killed. Drop rate could be RNG, but since the body slides away I’m not sure.

the library is on my list to re-visit to solve the wall/guard problem, Im gonna try to have that done by early next werk

I just sent an error report about getting sent to guild city after dying…I meant to say that I died than reawakened, then left the cave and got transported to guild city.

Two spellings for the Mother Wyvern

Did not receive a tooth as an item?

Bishop Roma ‘looks’ like he has a quest, but just says this.

Oscar’s execution

Missing Icon (Have completed the Library)

Just died trying to get the King’s Bones and instead of being resurrected in the nearby town’s graveyard, I came to life at the teleport stone next to the first Dungeon… now to go Alllllll the way back… sigh :wink:

you seem to be getting some odd movement bugs, what kind of internet connection do you have?

Cable internet, wired to the modem, no router, currently at 88Mbps download. Have been using OVRDrop today to play music from youtube, wonder if that might be causing it then

I know some others use that in game also but not sure if that could be it, you could try not using it or the steam overlay desktop and just staying “in game” for a day to see if it helps

Maybe she said it on the previous line, but when I read this I was confused, “Who?”

Needs a space “eachother”

Just thought this was funny, thinks he’s god or something walking on water, pfft

She’s better than me, I’d be bundled up like the Parka folk in this cold zone

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I experienced the same thing. I thought perhaps I read too quickly and just missed it. Perhaps you’ll want to check the dialog and make sure were not just going crazy.

Sign for Mountain Crest is pointing the wrong way

Could this NPC please Stop Walking when you talk to them? Please?! :smile:

Sorry it’s night, Graveyard in Mountain Crest, Grave and Tree in the same space

Don’t remember the name of this area, it’s in the cave with many doors in the desert. Where the Into The Wilds NPC is located. Needs shading, everything looks the same color. I’m on High graphics setting.

Not really an issue, but the stone for the Jungle Airship platform, could use a little more rock

Slay contractkill2

No continue, ok, goodbye… did get the next quest fine though. Just had to walk away from him.

Grass in the Tiger area of the Jungle is missing, next to the teleport runestone in the pic. Graphics are set on High, did not change them recently. Probably should have tried resetting graphics level, but didn’t think of it at the time.

Found the runestone for Pushback/Pushback 2 but was unable to get either to add to my journal. The runestone for Fireball2/Frostbolt 3, the Fireball 2 was able to add fine.

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