A List of Common Bugs I Encounter

1. So it’s nothing major, but when I was first tasked with fighting the Order Guard that Guardian Bart tasks you with defeating, I was level 10 and I realized I couldn’t fight it, so I left the territory and continued on with my life. Farmed with friends, did a side quest, etc. When I returned, the order guard hadn’t spawned…In fact none of the other enemies in that area had either. I ended up wandering around for like 10 minutes before I left. When I finally did, I just hopped back in again and the guard spawned once I got close to his usual area. Minor bug, but still there nonetheless :slight_smile:

2. I’ve just accepted Hunter Dern’s 4th quest (which I can only imagine is meant for players around levels 14-17) and I’ve immediately discovered that killing level 1 Stags does count as killing the stags listed in the journal’s quest log.

3. When you’re using sliding, controller-guided movement, if you point your controller up or down it slows your character. I assume the game is trying to push you in that direction so it’s devoting part of your speed to that direction, but still it’s an odd movement bug.

4. Grabbing an item with one hand (like my compass or my gathering tool) then grabbing it off the first hand using the second will then attach that object to that hand even when the grab button is released. So…Grab tool with the left hand, then grab it off the left hand with the right, wait a moment, then release the grip and voilà:

5. I don’t think the “shielding” system of Warriors cares about the shield-hand’s rotation, and it should. There are times when I’ll have my shield off to the left of my body, my hand rotated so it’s not actually covering my body, but when mobs swing at me they’ll hit my shield. Consequently, that means that there are also times where I’ll have my shield off to my left, not actually trying to cover my body, and when I swing at monsters and try to hit them I’m just constantly hitting my own shield over and over again until it breaks. If I want to keep from hitting my own shield, sometimes I find myself lifting my arm up over my back and holding it behind me so there’s no possible way of hitting myself. There’s a possibility the shield’s hitbox may just be too big to begin with, but allowing me to rotate my hand so the shield isn’t actually held in front of my body should probably keep the hit-my-own-shield issue from happening as well.

6. Here’s a kinda funny one…you can shield bash stagnant NPCs! :smiley: I figure this probably should’ve been fixed when the most recent patch kept you from accidentally aggroing friendly NPCs by blocking (wait…I guess they’re completely different) but I can reach out and slap my shield against the stagnant NPCs that mark zone changes and other things (the ones with the star + blue ribbon symbol), and it makes the sound effect and consumes the “shield bash” ability’s charge.

7. Sometimes, for no apparent reason, I just can’t gather some items. I’ve seen it with other players as well. You’ll flail your hand all over the object constantly and nothing happens, but anybody else in the game and walk right up and harvest it before your eyes. Here’s a gif of me encountering one such Roto Spore and having another player see if he can harvest it. I’m swinging so hard I stick my tool straight through the ground with no luck, and he just lightly touches it and it poofs away:

I’ve made a note of the items here that are not already being tracked. Thanks for reporting!

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