A list of suggestions from playing with newer players

  • Problem: Its hard to know what level a party is created for in the LF Party menu.
  • Solution: LF Party functionality should specify level.

  • Problem: I dont know when someone new joined or left the party. We have to confirm with each other over discord a lot.
  • Solution: Add an alert when someone joins or leaves the party.

  • Problem: Traps are too small, and due to the way enemies path it can really cause problems.
  • Solution: increase trap size.

  • Problem: throwing traps is a horrible experience.
  • Solution: Make traps fireable from arrows.

  • Problem: Been power leveling through 16-18 as the snow area mobs are too hard without a group.
  • Solution: Find a way to make solo leveling a bit more viable… Maybe increase the multiplier slightly for group leveling?

  • Problem: When party members are not nearby I cannot hear anything on the microphone.
  • Solution: Add an option to make the volume consistent regardless of distance for party members. Still base the direction the sound is coming from on the speaking team members location.

  • Problem: When enemies die they block me from shooting other enemies until their death animation ends. Super annoying.
  • Solution: Switch off the enemies hit boxes once their health hits 0 so that I can attack their friends without being blocked for a couple of seconds.


+1 for sticking the trap to the arrow.


+1 for everything, great list!

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I have this issue with corpses, loot-bags, harvestables, other spells, etc. I really wish these didn’t have combat collision.

Seriously, please. The trap is so cumbersome to use, especially when I actually need it (like when I’m trying to run from an extra mob).

While we’re at it, can we also please make DoT tics not break the CC? I can rarely use the trap’s binding effect because every little thing breaks the CC on it. Maybe just make nothing break the CC and reduce the CC time to like 5-8 seconds? I’d really like to be able to actually get distance on a mob that comes to me or set up a trap in front of me in case I pull aggro, being able to stop the mob for a flat, short amount of time would make me actually want to use the trap instead of just ignoring it

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