A map would be great!

I am not enjoying the compass so much to be honest. I dont like how it only starts to show locations as I get within a certain distance of them. I think it would also add the ability to know what area I am currently occupying, which is hard to tell at them moment.

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That is actually a great idea I want to see added to the game too!

About the map, quote from Riley_D (one of the developers in this topic How to find Quest objectives? - #9 by Riley_D):
“We’re thinking of putting in a static map (e.g. something Guardian Bart would draw and give you), but we’re definitely not going to do like a “Marauder’s Map” where it shows you exactly where you are, where the quest objective is, etc. But yeah having a general overview of the region would be a nice addition to the journal for sure.”

That sounds perfect to me! A map that includes landmarks or even just broad area’s with titles, it will help me learn the land better giving me a better chance to know where I am or where I am supposed to go.

I am not saying get rid of the compass either, using it as a tool to unlock/reveal portions of the map seems like a good idea to me. As long as in the end I have something consistent to look at so I know where everything is.

Yeah static maps which just give you a general outlook of the region would be more than enough, used in combo with the Compass you could find reference points and quests much easier than you do now.

This is definitely something we are adding in a future patch.


I would love that! I definitely need a map:)